90-Minute Sightseeing Boat Tour with Xclusive Tours Dubai

One afternoon, this email landed on my inbox…


Without thinking twice, we confirmed our booking right away. A boat tour along The Palm and Burj Al Arab is something that I wanted to do eversince. And with the temperatures starting to dip, the timing was just too perfect to resist 🙂


cruisin’ on a beautiful day

Though we live on the other side of Dubai, we are no strangers to The Palm island. My husband worked here for 3 years and so it’s always been our go to place whenever we have visiting family and friends.

On the other hand, Burj Al Arab is no doubt my favorite building in the UAE. Beyond its iconic architecture and impressive 7* status, what captivates me the most is its symbolism of Dubai’s roots. After all, Burj Al Arab was shaped after the billowing sail of a dhow 🙂


Here’s the two of us standing at The Palm with a view of Burj Al Arab (October 2013)

Our 90-minute The Palm & Burj Al Arab Sightseeing Boat Tour

5th November 2016

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. A quick drive thru Sheikh Zayed road led us to Xclusive Tours office in Dubai Marina.


Xclusive Marina

We were advised to arrive 15 minutes prior to our departure, just enough time to breath in the promenade’s peaceful morning vibe.


Dubai Marina promenade



It wasn’t long before we were called out to board our blue RIB boat (rigid-inflatable boat.) 

Xclusive tours’ RIB boat

Before we move on, here are few tips based on our experience…

  • Make sure to apply sunscreen specially on your face.
  • Don’t forget your sunglasses. There are times when you will be facing the sun directly.
  • For ladies, please tie your hair in a bun.
  • Regardless if the weather is warm or cold, bring a shawl or just wear long sleeves (like my husband did)
  • If you’re prone to seasickness, sit on the last row where there’s less motion. This advise worked really well for me.
  • There’s storage under the seats where you can safely stow your bags and other loose belongings. I only found out about this after the tour. toinks!

Thumbs up to Mr. Ajas who was both knowledgeable and entertaining

After the safety briefing from our captain/tour guide, we put on our life vests and hopped aboard the boat.

The 90-minute Palm tour will take us from Dubai Marina towards Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab then back — stopping by some well-known hotels and mini-islands along the way.


Our 90-minute The Palm sightseeing tour courtesy of Xclusive tours

Ok, here we go…


more sunscreen, the better! hehe

First on the itinerary was a slow cruise along Dubai Marina. On this part of the journey, we were free to stand, move around and take photos. Our tour guide also mentioned some facts & figures about Dubai Marina and the buildings surrounding it.


cruising along Dubai Marina


Pier 7 – a fine dining destination with 7 different restaurants on each of its 7 floors


The Jewels residential tower

Before sailing to the open sea, Ajas pointed to an island which was currently under construction.


Blue Waters Island by Meraas

This man-made island, called Blue Waters Island, will soon be home to Ain Dubai (Dubai Eye), the world’s largest ferris wheel.


Upon completion, Blue Waters Island will look like this. Wow!


Then the real adventure started…

Our boat began to speed up (as in super fast!) and in few seconds, we were out in the open sea. It was scary at first but we eventually got used to it. Ajas is a skilled driver and the boat’s in tiptop condition, so there was really nothing to worry about 🙂


Jumeirah Beach Residences

Still on high speed, our captain drove further and further to the sea then suddenly made a steep U-turn which kept the boat sideways for a couple of seconds. Thinking that our boat might capsize any moment, I just closed my eyes and screamed my heart out!

Of course, nothing bad happen. Ajas was only trying to make our boat ride more exciting than it already was 🙂 Also, he wanted to show us this…


a silhouette panorama of Dubai Marina and JBR skyline

Moving on, we passed by some of Palm Jumeirah’s high-end hotels…


Jumeirah Zabeel Saray


Kempinski Hotel & Residences, The Palm

But the real star of The Palm is none other than…

…Atlantis Hotel!


Atlantis Hotel, Dubai UAE

As with the other parts of the tour, our captain entertained us with some mind-boggling trivia about Atlantis hotel. He also volunteered to take some souvenir shots.


Over the years, we have collected quite a lot of photos with Atlantis as background. Well,  this one tops them all =)

Then off we headed to my most anticipated part of the tour! I didn’t mind that it was almost noon and the heat was getting a little intense. All I cared for was to be as close as possible to my dream hotel…Burj Al Arab!


Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Burj Al Arab


Why so pretty?

Like Atlantis, we have seen & photographed Burj Al Arab many times in the past. But this was definitely special as it was our first time to see it from a different angle.


As Adele would say, “Hello from the other side…” hehehe

As much as we wanted to stay longer, it was time to leave and sail back to the Marina. The journey back was just as exciting, passing by other interesting properties like Pier Chic (most romantic restaurant in Dubai) and Logo Island (Sheikh Maktoum’s gift to his wife for their wedding day. Yes, you read that right. He gifted her an island!)


Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Pier Chic


Logo Island; Sheikh Mohammed’s gift to Princess Haya

More snaps courtesy of dear husband…




Before we knew it, our 90-minutes was over. This sightseeing tour was definitely one for the books. Seeing Dubai from a different perspective made us realize how much more there is to discover. More importantly, it goes to show that Dubai is already so beautiful yet still aims to grow bigger and better 🙂


Thanks to Xclusive Tours for treating us with an amazing tour!


Watch the video below to see us in action 🙂

Xclusive Tours

Xclusive Marina,
Dubai Marina Walk,
Behind Premier Hotel

+971 4 452 3332

website: Xclusivetours

email: book@xclusivetours.com

Prices as of November 2016: 90 minute Palm & Burj Al Arab tour: AED200 (adult); AED150 (child)

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