Al Ain Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi

For UAE residents, Eid holidays would often relate to expensive hotels and crowded places. So for the past years, we never really had any special Eid getaways except for the regular beach picnics. Most of the time pa nga, we would just stay home and rest. Iwas gastos, iwas stress. haha


Eid Al Ahda 2013

Compared to the previous ones, this year’s Eid holiday was more eventful. (You can read my post here). To be honest, it wasn’t because we planned ahead. We were just lucky to be invited by some thoughtful people =)

Al Ain Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi

12th – 13th September 2016

Following Tita Myrna’s invitation, we booked Al Ain Palace Hotel thru for AED199++ per room per night. It was a steal considering that it was a holiday and we only confirmed our reservation the day before.

Their family of four booked two rooms for 2 nights while our group of 5 (myself, Ian, my sister, and Ian’s friends) also booked 2 rooms and joined them on the 2nd day.

We arrived at the hotel around 2 pm but seeing the busy reception counter, we just decided to check-in later and drove to the nearby mall to grab some Popeye’s lunch.


crispy fried chicken = comfort food! 🙂

We got back to the hotel past 4 pm and were finally able to check in.


sister checking out the view from our bedroom window

Before we move on, here’s my humble review of our stay…


  • The hotel is in close proximity to the city center and Abu Dhabi Corniche.
  • In addition to their infinity pool which is shared with Royal Meridien guests, Al Ain Palace has other facilities like sauna, steam bath, Jacuzzi, gym, & other fitness amenities.
  • There are also Filipino bars/restaurants at the hotel. Though we didn’t get to try any of them, they seemed popular to Abu Dhabi residents.
  • Wi-fi connection was good.


    • Upon check-in, we were asked for AED500 security deposit for the two rooms plus a valid ID from each guest. (Since we were able to refund the money without any problems, this wasn’t much of a negative for me)
    • The rooms, though clean, looked very basic and really outdated. 
    • Finally, my biggest disappointment was not the hotel itself. It was their  receptionists (specially the kabayans on duty that day). If they cannot offer a smile, atleast try to establish eye contact when talking to guests. Totally ignoring us whenever we would approach them didn’t make us feel at home or welcome at all. Hay.

Standard room. Al Ain Palace Hotel Abu Dhabi

Moving on…

We settled into our own rooms and rested a bit before checking out the pool area. Judging by the very basic rooms, we didn’t expect much from their facilities anymore. Actually, our mantra the whole time was, “You get what you pay for (repeat 100x)” hehehe

Well, we were in for a nice surprise. It turned out to be a lot better than we expected 🙂


Husband failed to get a nice photo of the pool, hence borrowing this from


Our gang. Missing Tito Guy and EM


Happy that sister enjoyed her day off.

In the evening, we moved to the fitness center where my sister and I indulged in a relaxing Jacuzzi bath.

Good to note: Unlike other hotels, there are no separate amenities for men and women.


Would have been better with a glass of red wine. =)

Overall, the hotel facilities pretty much compensated for the rooms and lack of customer service. Not amazing per se but good enough to make our stay more enjoyable. Kahit papano, we felt that we got our money’s worth.

Al Ain Palace Hotel

Corniche Road, Behind Royal Meridien

Abu Dhabi

+971 2 679 4777

2 thoughts on “Al Ain Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi

    1. Ewan ko nga e. Actually nung pacheck-out na kami gusto pang kalkalin yung bag ng tita ko kasi daw may nawawalang hanger sa room nila. haha toinks!

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