UAE Roadtrip Part 3: Fujairah’s Friday Market

Inspired by Lyn of Filipina Expat, here is the continuation of our UAE roadtrip last year! =)

Background: Back in June 2015, we ventured on a roadtrip with one goal — to cover all the 7 emirates in 2 days! From our home in Dubai, we drove to Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi & finally back to Dubai to conquer the tallest building in the world 🙂

(Click for part 1; part 2).


After seeing picturesque (and creepy!) Jazirat Al-Hamra, it was our turn to explore the next emirate on the list.

Our first stop was Fujairah Friday market which is located on the Dubai side of Masafi along the way to Fujairah.


Rocky landscape towards Fujairah


Friday market in Masafi

Contrary to its name, Fujairah Friday market is open for its travelling patrons 7 days a week (not only on Fridays!). The several stalls consisting of plant nurseries, carpet vendors, souvenir shops, and fruit stands are popular with locals and tourists alike. The mountainous background also proves a popular backdrop for photo ops.






Before our trip, my colleague Brahma would often bring me sweet mangoes from here so it was one of the stops I was really looking forward to.


quick stopover

There were quite a few vendors to choose from, everyone promising to give us the lowest price and freshest produce. But not really planning to buy a lot, we just settled on the closest store from where we parked.




señorita for sale


hmm, which one to pick?


Of course, taste test first!

In the end, we were able to haggle for few kilos of mangoes. We also bought several cobs of inihaw na mais which were unfortunately too dry for our liking.

Before hopping on to continue our roadtrip, we briefly visited the other stalls nearby. Too bad we had to rush ‘coz it was way past lunch and we were already starving.


‘Till next time!

Fujairah Friday Market

Masafi Road (Dubai side)

click here for location

And the adventure continues…


Up next…Al Hayl Fort

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