Eid Break 2016

Since private sector employees were given 3 days off for Eid Al Adha holidays, we ended up having a 5 day weekend last week. Luckily for me, I even got the luxury of taking the full week off. That’s a total of 9 days!  =)

We kicked off the weekend with an amazing breakfast at IKEA. The restaurant team wanted us to try out their new breakfast concept. I’m keeping the details secret for now but watch out as they’re planning to launch it soon. You will love it, promise!


with my BFF at work, Ate Lorie


cold cuts and organic milk shake


omelet station!

Speaking of IKEA, I present to you our personalized 2017 catalogue. What do you think of our mini-modeling stint? Pasado ba? 🙂


with my IKEA shopping buddy


The big bosses!!!

On 10th September, we were invited to Little Manila’s Chef Table event where they unveiled the BIGGEST PIZZA IN THE UAE! Wow! 


Taking pizza business to the next level!


six yummy flavors to choose from


Seriously, did these wings come from giant chickens?

*separate blog post coming up…

That same evening, my cousins came over and we had an epic night as usual. And since all of us were off the next day, everyone decided to sleep over our place. You will be surprised on how many adults could fit inside our room! haha


friendship goals


Videoke night =)

On 12th September, we drove to Abu Dhabi for our overnight booking at Al Ain Palace Hotel. Though last minute, we were still able to secure affordable rates (Aed199) thru Booking.com.

To be honest, the hotel wasn’t great, but you get what you pay for, right?


Though the rooms were a little too outdated, their pool was a different story. Look at our underwater glamour shots! haha


Finally, sister got a day off again!




From L-R: Jayson & Jay-R (hubby’s childhood friends), Gena, Tita Myrna & Taszha

After checking out, we had lunch at Rice Overdose. Their concept was promising but honestly, there were quite a few misses.



Here’s a short clip about our Abu Dhabi trip. Please watch in HD 🙂

On 14th September, I came to the office in the morning to finish some work. Then husband picked me up around lunch and we drove back to Abu Dhabi for his work naman.


Mussafah bridge, Abu Dhabi


Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

The next day, as if we weren’t tired from all the driving, we were out again to run some errands. We first had brunch at Golden Fork.


The fish I had in Fujairah was better and bigger


Trivia: I avoided Golden Fork for 5 years because the first time we ate there, I found their kangkong dish too pricey for AED14! hehe

then we headed over to Karama Center to buy a screen protector for my work phone. I ended up haggling for pretty cases too =)


I love these matching phone cases which I got for AED20 each!


Hubby was also happy with his new dashboard phone clip

We spent the rest of the afternoon driving around Dubai then dropped by IKEA in the evening to buy Ate Pam’s drawer.

You can imagine how tired we were from all our activities so we just spent the last two days lounging at the comforts of our home sweet home.


no better place than home =)

The Eid holidays was indeed a welcome break from our otherwise monotonous home-work-home routine. It was also the perfect opportunity to catch up with family and friends. Next year ulit =)


Before I end this post, let me just share this message that I recently came across on Facebook…


Enjoy life while we can =)

2 thoughts on “Eid Break 2016

  1. At may special mention pa ang pagpapabili ko ng drawer. Hahaha! Thank you, Mauh & Ian!
    The new IKEA breakfast concept sounds exciting. Looking forward to it!

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