Millenium Hotel, Fujairah

It’s really true…

Unplanned trips make the best trips 🙂


Back in July, my husband and I spent an amazing weekend with our relatives. My aunt came across an ongoing deal at  allowing us to book an overnight stay at Millenium Hotel for only AED250! Including weekends! The deal was too good to pass so with few clicks and a hastily packed overnight bag, our weekend trip to Fujairah was set 🙂

We left home around 11:30 that Friday morning and drove by the almost empty roads to Fujairah.


Now I know where my sister Hamda got her name 🙂


You know you’re near when you see these rock formations


Passing thru this road reminds me of Marcos highway towards Baguio city

After an hour, we reached Fujairah and immediately spotted Millenium Hotel.

The hotel didn’t look promising on the outside.


Millenium Hotel, Fujairah

We made a U-turn on the next roundabout and headed to the hotel’s main lobby. There were few cars temporarily parked in front of us so my husband assumed that they offered complimentary valet parking. We gathered our belongings and alighted from the car but when he was about to handover the keys, he was told that we had to drive ourselves to the underground parking. Toinks!

He was unpleasantly surprised but since we only paid AED250, it wasn’t a big deal.


Millenium Hotel, Fujairah


Millenium Hotel, Fujairah

When we reached the main lobby, I approached their reception desk. It was only 12:30 but since we requested for an early check-in, I was hoping to get a room ahead of the usual 2 pm check-in time.

Unfortunately, there was no available room yet. The receptionist noted my number and said that she will give me a call as soon as they find an available room. We were a bit disappointed but it was understandable naman since perhaps, they were really running full that day.

Without checking in, we met my tito, tita and cousin Taszha then drove to Golden Fork for lunch.


We had a satisfying meal while catching-up on good ol’ family stories.


After which, we went to the nearby liquor store called The Cellars to check-out their selection. I found this shop a bit more spacious than the ones in Umm Al Quwain but they didn’t carry my favorite brand of wine. Their prices were also on the higher side.


Before coming back to the hotel, we also dropped by the adjacent Fujairah mall to buy some snacks and whatnots.

While paying for our stuff, I received a call from reception telling me that our room was finally ready! I glanced at my husband’s watch and noticed that it was already past 2 pm. Actually, it was almost 3 — way past the normal check-in time!

Good thing we had something else to do. Hay naku, imagine if we just waited there. So much for requesting early check-in! haha


By 3 pm, we were finally back to the hotel, did the usual check-in procedure and were given our key card. In fairness to the receptionist who handled our booking, she was really apologetic for the delay. She also granted our request for late check-out the next day.



We were assigned a unit on the 9th floor which gave us sweeping view of the nearby airport.


View from Millenium Hotel, Fujairah

I’m happy to note that our spacious room pretty much compensated for the valet parking and check-in mishap. It was all good from here on 🙂




We had an hour to settle in and freshen up before meeting our relatives again.




Because of Millenium Hotel’s unassuming exterior, we were expecting to see a pretty standard pool.

But surprise surprise!

My jaw dropped when I saw the amazing view from the rooftop pool!


The natural light coming through the glass wall, the stunning panorama below, and the aqua blue water… hay, just wow.


Love this photo courtesy of dear husband 🙂


Millenium hotel also had other facilities like sauna and Jacuzzi (separate for men and women)



soooo inviting!

Of course, we had to dip in 🙂


With my cousin, Taszha


Taszha and I spent more than an hour in the Jacuzzi while my aunt took her time in the sauna. After running out of kwento, we went back to our respective rooms where I found my husband sleeping like a baby…


pagoda tragedy! hehe

In the evening, we were all feeling tired and lazy so I just volunteered to order pizza for dinner. We spent the night sharing stories and lots and lots of fruits! hahaha


bonding with family

The next day, my tito had to go to work early morning so there were only four of us left.


Good morning!

We decided to hit the pool one last time…


This is the pool bar


Then it was time to check-out.

Before driving back to Dubai, we grabbed some lunch first.


From Golden Fork again! hahaha

We also dropped by the nearby fresh fruits market to buy green mangoes (and catch pokemons!)


Fujairah is famous for its fresh fruits


and pokemons! haha

We had a really awesome time with the family. A fun weekend without spending much. Thanks to Tita Myrna for inviting us. ‘Till next time 🙂


Bye for now, Fujairah

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