Copenhagen – A Quick Stop at Freetown Christiania

And so I continue with Copenhagen posts 🙂

14th November 2015

After my scary climb at Vor Frelsers Kirk, I immediately headed to my next destination — Freetown Christiania.


Freetown Chrisitiania

Since I wasn’t exactly sure where Christiania is, I just followed my instinct and kept walking.

The result? I got lost! hahaha

My detour actually turned out pretty nice because I ended up admiring this unassuming street canal.


With only few people walking by, I had ample space to appreciate its beauty. The stillness of the water and all the different hues were mesmerizing. It was really calm (and cold). I could have stood there all day if only I were not pressed for time. Hay.



I also enjoyed people watching, feeling a little envious on how “unrushed” their day seemed.




After my quick detour, I managed to ask a local for the right directions. Several meters and turns later, I finally reached Freetown Christiania!


Entrance to Christiania community

What makes Christiania unique is its autonomy from the rest of Denmark. That means they are totally independent from the Danish government.


The famous green house


Gates to Freetown Christiania

Apparently, they even have their own flag & currency!


This is Christiania’s flag

Freetown Christiania was established in 1971 by a group of hippies who took over the abandoned military barracks in the area. They eventually grew bigger in number and later on developed their own set of society rules. Since they are a ‘self-governing’ community, the authorities really cannot control what is happening inside.

Hmmm, know what? I’m thinking of calling them “the untouchables” haha 🙂



What makes Christiania most popular is their so-called Pusher Street. Yes, you read it right. They have a street for pushers (and users?)! As the name implies, it is where the cannabis/ hash/ weed deals actually happen. Wow!


Entrance to Green Light District. No photos/videos allowed from here on.

WARNING FOR VISITORS: Christiania, though open & safe for tourists, is still considered a residential area. It is strictly prohibited to take photos or videos inside the community (specially in and around Pusher Street). It is also advised to follow all the do’s and don’ts so as not to attract any trouble with the residents.

I was well aware of Christiania’s strict rules so I hid my camera and restrained myself from taking photos inside during my visit. All the photos I have were from the unrestricted areas only. 



My Christiania tour didn’t last long. I just had a quick walk along Green Light District and left the place before I get high. I don’t know if it was only my imagination but I could smell a hint of marijuana smoke in the air. 🙂 🙂 🙂


Sculptures. Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen Denmark


Grafitti. Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen Denmark


Grafitti. Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen Denmark


Grafitti. Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen Denmark

Christiania is definitely an interesting place. Reading about it after my visit made me realize how much more there was beyond Green Light District and Pusher Street. Had I explored further, I would have seen their unique houses, art galleries, theaters, music shops, food businesses and the beautiful nature surrounding them.

Well, maybe next time. Bye for now, Christiania.


Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen Denmark

If you are interested to learn more about Freetown Christiania, check out the links below 🙂


Visit Copenhagen


Freetown Christiania
Copenhagen, Denmark
Nearest Metro: Christianshavn

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