Totally Random Post

I’m back!

Congratulations to me.

After 2 months, I finally found the zest to blog again 🙂

I really don’t have any valid excuse except for being lazy (and uninspired maybe?). It’s just unfortunate, because looking back at few months worth of photos,  I realized andami ko palang na-miss ikwento. Hay!

Let me start with some changes in the office.

From this…


my sweet little corner for 3+ years

To this…


my new workspace!

Guess what???




I GOT A JOB PROMOTION!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

I formally started with my new role on 1st July. So far so good naman. Mas mabigat ang responsibilities pero mas fulfilling. Sa totoo lang, I’m actually enjoying the challenge. I’m also thankful that as early as now, my bosses already appreciate the way I work.

My husband always say na sobrang swerte ko daw career-wise. Partially, I would say that he’s right. Pero syempre it’s not pure luck naman. I also work hard and I always make sure na binibigay ko yung best ko in everything I do. Prayers (lots and lots of it) also work too!

I just feel so blessed because I know some people are struggling to find decent jobs, yung iba nga nawawalan pa ng trabaho tapos ako na-promote pa 🙂

Thank you Lord.


Thank you Lord for endless opportunities!

Ian and I recently decided to take healthy living seriously. Aside from trying to lose weight, we also realized na as early as now, we have to be mindful of how we take care of our bodies. The thought kasi of suffering the consequences when we get old is really scary!

We’re taking it one tiny step at a time pero hopefully we’ll get there    🙂


Water with lemon & cucumber. Is this really effective?


Marriage goals — Live healthy and happy            🙂

Did you notice my husband’s chin? He got that few weeks ago.

Here’s the story…

One evening, I panicked when he called me barely an hour after he left home for a basketball game.  With a cold voice, he asked me to call him back on his other phone. I knew right away na something was wrong kasi he normally use that tone when he’s about to give me some bad news.

I dropped the call and dialed the other number.

Before I knew it, my mind was already racing with horrible thoughts,

Naaksidente ba sya??

Napaaway ba??

Nahuli ng pulis??

Haay! Andami ko na agad naisip. I should stop drinking coffee!

My fear went from bad to worse when he said samahan ko daw sya sa Zulekha hospital! I think I over reacted a bit and kept frantically saying “bakit???” many times! hahaha

I only calmed down when he told me he’s already driving and on his way home (he’s able to drive so I assumed he had no serious injuries). After about 15 long minutes, he fetched me infront of our building. I saw him pressing a bloody towel on his chin. He seemed okay naman so I felt relieved. Nasiko daw pala sya nung kalaban nila when he jumped to steal a ball. Medyo malakas yung impact kaya bumuka yung baba nya. I asked him kung sinadya pero hindi naman daw.

The ER doctor told us that his wound definitely needed stitching. We were kind of expecting that pero nagulat kami when he used a medical stapler instead of the usual pantahi. Ok na din kasi it only took the doctor 2 minutes then tapos na!

Ian: Ano ba yan, wala man lang warning yung Doctor tapos stapler pa ang ginamit. Tak tak tak agad! Ginawang papel ang mukha ko!

Me:  Kung alam ko lang na ganun lang kadali, ako nalang sana ang gumawa. May stapler naman tayo sa bahay! Hahaha

Of course we were only kidding.

Ang mahal sa Zulekha. I saw the bill and it was almost AED900. Good thing we have insurance otherwise that would have been a lot of money down the drain!


Wasn’t as dramatic as I imagined it to be. haha

He was asked to come back after a week to take the ‘staple pins’ off. We were both relieved that he didn’t get any noticeable bruise 🙂

The next day, my aunt invited us to Fujairah. She saw a good deal at and booked 2 nights at Millenium Hotel. Since we haven’t seen them in a long time, we agreed to come and stayed there overnight!

P.S I will tell you more about our Fujairah weekend in a separate post 🙂


Our room for the night


Rooftop pool with an amazing view of Fujairah airport!

While in the pool, my husband sent a photo to my mother in law.

Here’s how their conversation went…


hahaha. yan ang masunuring anak!

It was a weekend well spent and my favorite part of course was being able to spend time with family 🙂


swim ulit before checking out

On our way back to Dubai, we spotted a lot of Pokemons, naubos tuloy yung pokeballs namin! hahaha


I wasted a lot of balls catching this pokemon


Seriously, if you are addicted to Pokémon Go, just drive to Fujairah and back!

Two weeks ago, Little Manila invited us to visit and try their specialties. Honestly, I’ve never been to Little Manila before. Andami kasing negative remarks about their service & pricing specially during those few months after they opened. Pero since I am a self-proclaimed “Pinoy Restaurant Ambassadress”, we still happily accepted the invite 🙂


Little Manila’s famous jeepney

Good thing pumunta kami otherwise hindi ko sana natikman ang napakasarap nilang ensaymada!


Ensaymada from Bread Shop

Little Manila’s ensaymadas are so good! Want proof? My sister who doesn’t really like pastries could finish 3 pieces in one sitting! hahaha I can’t blame her though, super fluffy kasi and andaming cheeeeeese!

P.S I’ will tell you more about our Little Manila experience later. 🙂

Before I go, I’ll leave you with this simple reminder…

Live. Love. Laugh.



Hope you enjoyed reading my totally random post.

More stories coming soon.

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