Copenhagen – Scary Climb at Vor Frelsers Kirke

14th November 2015

On my 2nd day in Copenhagen, I woke up really early to ensure that I make the most out of my limited time. I have already finalized my route the night before so all I had to do was keep my fingers crossed and pray that everything goes well 🙂


Ready for a long day of sight seeing…alone!

My first stop was Christianshavn. I chose this to be my starting point because of its proximity from Forum Metro (only 3 stations away).


For all my trips, I bought metro tickets from these user-friendly machines. The average ticket price was around DKK24 (For reference, 1 DKK = 0.55 AED).


After few minutes, I reached Christianshavn metro station. I stayed for some time to take random photos around the area…






Christianshavn is home to two of Copenhagen’s famous destinations — Vor Frelsers Kirke (Church of our Savior) and Christiania (more on my next post).

From the station, I immediately spotted Vor Frelsers Kirke. The church stands out from the rest of the buildings because of its chocolate colored spire.


There it was, with its golden serpentine spire shining beautifully with the early morning sun.

It took me less than 10 minutes to reach the church. I just had to cross the street and walk several meters away from the station.


Almost there…


Few more steps and I finally got a full view of Vor Frelsers Kirke!

Also called Our Saviour’s Church, Vor Frelsers Kirke was opened to the public on April 1696. The church’s baroque architecture was quite a rarity for Denmark. However, what makes the church really famous is its 95m tall spire which was only added 50 years after it was built. The spiral tower provides the best view in town. Hundreds of visitors bravely climb the 400 steps of the tower to see a 360 panoramic view of Copenhagen’s cityscape.



I made my way thru the gate and circled the vicinity to find the tower’s entrance. The church was closed for visitors that morning but the tower was fortunately open.


Entrance fee to the tower was DKK35. The lady at the reception told me that I should be careful because it was windy that morning. Her reminder made me a little nervous because first of all, I am already scared of heights. Add strong winds to the equation and I might just faint and drop myself to the ground. hahaha

Though I thought of backing out, I still opted to go for it since I have already paid and it would be a waste if I miss the breathtaking views. Besides, who would be scared if the stairs to the tower look like the ones below.


no sweat!

After praying for strength and safety,  I told myself, “I can do this!” hahaha

I actually enjoyed climbing the first few flights of stairs and just stopped every once in a while to catch my breath and take a look at some displayed memorabilia along the way.




Few more steps then I reached this signage…


visit at your own risk! waaah!

Seeing another warning, I know I should have backed out already. But for some reasons, I still continued. Thinking about it now, I couldn’t believe that I had the guts to push thru and climb these scary steps alone!


P.S. It was literally terrifying because some areas were dark and the wooden stairs gave out some musty smell. Moreover, there’s this old urban legend that the architect who designed the tower committed suicide by jumping from the spire. Scary!

Midway, I was already regretting my decision. I should have backed out earlier and not put myself into such risky situation. To tell you the truth, I was shaking the whole time because I was scared that I might drop my belongings, or worse, take a wrong step and fall.


Perhaps I was just exaggerating but those wooden stairs were quite narrow and really steep. Actually, even before reaching the top, I was already dreading the thought of how difficult it is to climb down (some of the stairs require visitors to climb down backwards)


But when I finally saw the view waiting outside, I felt relieved and grateful. Relieved because the risk I took was definitely worth it; and grateful of course for the opportunity to travel for work and be rewarded with amazing views like this.




The lady wasn’t joking when she said it will be windy that morning. I was terrified with how much wind was blowing on my face. If not for the great views, I would have hurried back inside in no time. hehe


notice my hair and how I was holding on to the railings for dear life!

Although the railings were high enough to keep visitors safe, the nervous me just stayed glued to where I was standing and didn’t dare climb the remaining 150 steps. Good thing there was a nice Austrian guy who volunteered to bring my camera with him. When he came back with these amazing photos, I kind of regretted it because the views up there were definitely better! Sayang!






Few minutes later, the wind felt stronger and somewhat intolerable so I and my new friend decided to go back inside. When we finally reached the ground, we saw some people being denied entry for safety reasons.

I silently congratulated myself for coming there early, otherwise I would have missed the amazing experience as well 🙂

Vor Frelsers Kirke (Our Saviour’s Church)
Sankt Annæ Gade 29, 1416
Copenhagen, Denmark
Nearest Metro: Christianshavn

Next up: Freetown Christiania

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