Copenhagen – Cabinn Scandinavia

And so we continue with my Scandinavia Adventure!

This time, I shall share with you my day trip in Copenhagen, Denmark (which I will divide into separate posts).

Warning though, since my trip happened half a year ago, there’s a huge chance that I might not be able to remember specific details anymore. hehe

From Malmo’s Hyllie Station, I took a train back to Kastrup Airport then another metro ride to Forum Station where my hotel was located.


Forum Station in Copenhagen, Denmark


These mini-pyramids provide natural light to the underground station


bikes parked near Forum Station

With the help of a nice Pinay lady who I met outside the station, I easily found my way to Cabinn Scandinavia where I would be staying for the next 2 nights.


Cabinn Scandinavia

I found Cabinn Scandinavia thru for around AED450 per night. The reviews and photos seemed reasonable so I went ahead and made a reservation. Besides, I just wanted a place to sleep and keep my things safe.

Well, except for affordability & good location, I won’t really recommend this hotel to anyone. The bathroom looked clean but emitted a weird smell, the bed linens didn’t feel sanitary at all (good thing I brought my own blanket & towel with me), the coffee pot in the room was rusty & just looked gross, buffet breakfast was almost nonexistent, & overall it just didn’t feel comfortable.

See, I am the most fuss-free person you’ll ever meet but I just felt really disappointed with my stay that I had to write an honest to goodness review about it at (to warn other travelers).


Honestly, I don’t mind a tiny room as long as it’s clean

On a positive note, I have to commend the hotel’s location. Aside from its proximity to the metro, the neighborhood around it felt very safe and peaceful.




These three men served as my landmark to the hotel


This building reminds me of a cruise ship. hehe


There was also a park and church just few meters away.




Nice huh?

Well, if there’s anything I got out of this experience, it taught me the valuable lesson of not sacrificing comfort over low price.

Up next: My Vor Frelsers Kirk adventure

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