Sweden – Thai Food in Malmo

Since I didn’t get the chance to explore Sweden, I just made the most out of our daily walks from our hotel to the office.


I & my not so happy feet!

Every morning, I would take out my camera, shoot random photos and enjoy the sight of calmness around me. It was just so different from life here in Dubai where I’m always surrounded with tall buildings, busy streets, hundreds of cars and people all in a hurry to go about their day.


Wet and cold morning in Malmo

For few days, I savored the freezing & rainy Malmo weather. I took pleasure seeing empty roads and vast fields. I walked with the Swedes and just fell in love with their slow-paced life 🙂


Instead of buildings, this was my view on my way to work everyday 🙂

On our 2nd night in Malmo, Petra (our trainer) booked a common dinner for us guests. I was expecting to get a taste of authentic Swedish food but was quite surprised that she brought us to lemongrass (Thai restaurant) instead. lol!


Thai food in Sweden. toinks!


This was the neighborhood around lemograss. Loved their cobblestone streets.


graffiti-covered buildings


It was only 7 pm and streets were already empty. hmmm

We had to wait at the reception area for some time while they prepared our table.


colleagues from Egypt & Somalia


Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, France, etc. In short, United Nations! haha


new friends from Sweden, Bulgaria, Kuwait, Germany & UK

It didn’t take long before the staff led us to our table. It was good that Petra already pre-ordered our meal because as soon as we got seated, food started coming!


DSC_2961She ordered 4 sets of their tasting menu and few other dishes. We eventually ended up so full that we didn’t have room for dessert anymore! Yay!


Spicy beef salad


Miso rib


Prawn croquette


Chicken & prawn lettuce wrap


Tartar of tuna


Barbeque duck breast


Creamy curry prawns


Crispy beef


few glasses of wine to cap off a great evening

Hay, looking at the photos above makes me hungry. Though I didn’t get a taste of Swedish cuisine, I ended up enjoying dinner more because well… I just love Thai Food! Who doesn’t anyway? 🙂


Different cultures, one IKEA 🙂

Thank you Sweden, I shall be back!

Wheee, I’m done with Sweden posts. I can finally start sharing my Copenhagen trip. Stand by for Denmark posts soon! 🙂

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