Blessed Days in Pictures (Part 4)

Hello There!

I take lots of random photos everyday so I thought of coming up with Blessed Days in Pictures’ series. This way, I would be able to document even the simplest moments/things. This is also a good way to share with you some little trinkets about me.

So enjoy! 😉


1. First things first 🙂 Here are candid photos of my adorable niece Ava. These were taken the first time she learned to stand on her own. Now, she can already walk up and down the house! Ang bilis!



2. When I was sorting my boxes of old stuff, I found an AED20 bill neatly tucked inside one of my receipt envelopes. Perhaps I kept it there (5 years ago!) and just totally forgot about it. Hmm, now I’m thinking, maybe I have more bills hidden somewhere else?


This actually reminds me of Tatay. See, when we were going through his stuff after he passed away, we found more than 25K pesos hidden inside his drawer! The bills were located in different places like books, envelopes, etc. We were all surprised that he was able to save that much.

Yun pala, every month na I send them money, Nanay would give him his allowance tapos he will keep part of it as savings. Nanay knew that he kept some money pero she didn’t expect na ganun pala kadami yung naipon nya.

I asked Nanay if I could keep one of those bills and she generously agreed. It is now safely stored inside my wallet. 🙂


Hay, I miss you daddy! ='(

3. Speaking of family, these photos were from Papa’s birthday back in November. We had dinner at Max’s restaurant in Al Ghurair where we ordered spring chicken, kare-kare and sisig. Yum!



4. We had a long weekend for UAE National Day so a road trip was in order! We went to Umm Al Quwain to visit Tita Raisa’s mom and were lucky enough to witness the locals’ parade. I also had a chance to spend time with my best friends 🙂



Missin’ my other BFF Chay



best friends since babies!

5. And speaking of roadtrips… Back in December, Ian was asked to drive to Madinat Zayed, Abu Dhabi for work. Syempre, since it was a weekend, I tagged along to accompany my husband. It was sooooooooo far that we actually had a good laugh when we realized how close we were to Saudi Arabia! haha


So close to Saudi! hehe

We also passed by the richest street in UAE — MILLION STREET!


Million Street, UAE

And oh, we saw some camels too! 🙂

6. After a long time, it was nice to have lunch with my team again!


Friends at work

7. Since I showed you how amazing Hubhult is in my previous post, this time naman, I will show you our new meeting rooms in Dubai store. The whole space is so homey, you’ll actually feel like stepping inside your very own living room. hehe





And yes, the meeting rooms are named Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and Atlantis! 😉

8. Back in December, we had lunch at Intramuros Restaurant. Ian and I had a nice experience during our first dinner there and I even wrote about it here. However, we didn’t get the same satisfaction when we dined with Gino and Rence. We were quite disappointed that we couldn’t help writing them a feedback. Hopefully they would do something about our ‘suggestions’ soon 🙂


The boys didn’t even want to refill their plates kasi naumay sila =(


Well atleast may japanese rolls




9. We also had lunch at Barrio Fiesta in Burjuman on 31st December courtesy of Rence. She won a talent search organised by their company and used the prize money to treat us! 🙂 We weren’t expecting much from their lunch buffet because price was AED25 only but we were quite surprised that even if there were few choices, the dishes served were nothing but delicious!


love these colorful plates!


sinigang na chicken skin


pictures don’t look good but trust me when I say that their food was delicious!


sinampalukang manok & caldereta


my plate. messy but well, who cares!


I will go back to Barrio Fiesta just for this!




busog lusog!

10. I donwloaded an app called youcam makeup and we had a blast playing with it! See, I don’t normally wear make-up so this was kind of fun to try! hehehe



of course, dear husband also had to try it!


This is why people who meet us for the first time say we look like siblings. hahaha

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! 🙂

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