Sweden – Dream Office

Finally,  I give you a looooong-overdue installment of my Sweden – Denmark trip 🙂


IKEA Malmo Store

My stay in Sweden didn’t go as touristy as I hoped. We spent most of our time in meetings and by the time we finished work (around 4 or 5 pm), the sun had already set! aha

I couldn’t complain though because

1) I learned a lot

2) I met awesome people from different parts of the world


Friends from Egypt, India, Korea & Somalia

and 3) We stayed in one of the coolest offices I have ever seen. 🙂

Inspiring Workplace – Hubhult Office, Malmo Sweden

Have you heard about Google offices?  (If not, watch this)

Hmm, our mother company in Sweden just built their very own version of it!

Well not exactly as grand as Google but see for yourself and tell me what you think 🙂


Welcome to Hubhult!

Reception Area


These swings are the first ones to welcome co-workers and visitors


Bikes for everyone. Promotes sustainability and healthy living!


My favorite part – the staircase!


The steps are filled with colorful cushions and there’s a tv too! Ang sarap tumambay!


More cushions to keep us comfy!

Working in Hubhult


An effective way to keep employees motivated is to give them freedom to sit & work anywhere they want. No dedicated workstation also means having the chance to collaborate with everyone!


This type of layout also promotes sharing and camaraderie among employees. No cubicles, solid walls or rooms to keep people apart 🙂


They also have an outdoor garden & seating area. So refreshing to see greens and natural light!


Coffee machine to keep co-workers awake 🙂

Cafe/ FIKA area



In this cafe, the price of your meal will depend on the weight of your plate (regardless of whatever food you choose)!


I remember paying around AED15 for this plate. Yum!


Unlimited sparkling water. My favorite flavors were citron and hallon 🙂


Hubhult is not your typical, boring office. It has more unique features which I unfortunately failed to take photos of like a table tennis, relaxation room, unique meeting rooms, etc!

The designers (and of course the management) really did their best to keep employees & guests inspired, happy and comfortable. Really shows how much our company values its people 🙂


Hubhult, Malmo Sweden

I heard they are planning the same concept for our office here in Dubai. Looking forward 🙂

Next up: Thai Food in Malmo

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