What I Received This Christmas

We’re now in the 3rd week of Jan and I’m still talking about Christmas. Toinks!

I just wanted to quickly show you the presents I received last Christmas. It touches my heart when people go out of their way to give me something. Hindi kasi ako thoughtful na tao eh. Madalang ako magbigay ng gifts because of several reasons  1) Wala akong patience to shop; 2) I always have this odd feeling na hindi magugustuhan nung pagbibigyan ko yung gift ko; and 3) kuripot lang talaga ako! hehehe So when someone gives me a present, natutuwa ako lalo na kung alam kong pinag-isipan 😉

This tumbler was given by Crissy. I now use it in the office for my morning coffee. Ang sweet lang kasi she never fails to give us something every Christmas.


This one naman is from my officemate & friend, Ate Lorie. Akala ko nung una display lang. Yun pala oil burner. hehehe. She also gave me a set of glass lunch boxes. Ang galing because she really knows what I need 🙂


Sa birthday ko nalang daw nya isusunod yung oil. hahaha

My aunt gave me this Mango bag which is now one of my favorites because of its size and material. I never preferred anything orange before pero this one made me change my mind. Thanks Tita! 🙂


And last but not the least, the most unexpected gift I received last Christmas was from my husband. Mas nasurprise pa ata ako dito kesa sa proposal nya! hahaha

Here’s the story…

He was in DFC mall daw few weeks before Christmas when he happened to pass by a Pandora shop. Nacurious sya so he went inside and asked kung ano yung logic behind Pandora bracelets. What makes them special, etc. Tapos pinakitaan sya ng different styles ng bracelets and charms. Then he saw this particular charm and that’s when he decided na yun na talaga ang gift na ibibigay nya sakin. He decided na later nalang nya bibilhin kasi daw baka mabuking ko. However, when he came back to purchase, wala na yung charm! Kinulit daw sya nung nagtitinda na ibang charm nalang ang bilhin nya pero he was firm na yun talaga ang gusto nya. So the sales guy checked their system kung saang branch sila meron. Pinapunta daw sya sa DCC pero naubusan na daw. Then he went to Mirdiff City center pero ubos na din. He was losing hope already pero he still went to Al Ghurair to check. Kinilig daw yung mga saleslady nung nalaman yung hinahanap nya. hahaha.

Good thing there were still few pieces left in Al Ghurair kaya nabili din nya finally. Ang sweet diba? Todo effort pa sya kahit hindi naman kailangan. He could have given me a bar of chocolate or kahit wala lang but he chose to give me something meaningful. Tapos nalaman ko pa yung story behind it. Kung paano sya nag-effort and all.


While unboxing, I was expecting na kung anong charm lang ang binili nya kasi I know naman na he’s not a sentimental person.


As soon as I opened the box, I was caught off-guard nung nakita ko yung charm. OA pero naluha talaga ako. Imagine, my husband went thru all that hassle to make me feel how much he values me as his wife.


The charm says ‘My beautiful wife’.


the other side says ‘forever & always’. Nakakakilig!

So ladies, if you find a man who always makes you feel appreciated and who’s willing to go certain heights just to make you happy, never let him go… 🙂


A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person 🙂


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