Christmas Eve 2015

It’s almost mid-Jan and I only got to blog about our Christmas Eve celebration today!

Truth is, it took me time to collect and upload all our photos during the holiday season. Andami kasi! Then my 5 year old laptop was acting up pa. Each time I would use it, I’d have to shut it down and restart repeatedly before I could get it to work. That process alone already takes almost an hour.


Hindi ko tuloy masyadong maenjoy itong bagong laptop table ko from IKEA. tsk.

Moving on, I took a week-long leave from work starting from 23rd December. Actually, our original plan was to travel back to PH to celebrate the holidays. However, flight tickets were incredibly expensive! So my husband and I sadly agreed to scrap the plan kasi sayang naman talaga ang pera. Hindi makatarungan to spend almost AED8K+ for tickets tapos one week lang kami dun.


Buti pa sina papa may budget! hahaha (Christmas in the Philippines after a long time)

So since we could not go home, we had to come up with a Plan B. We thought of organizing a Christmas party for our friends and relatives here in Dubai. That way, parang nasa Pinas na din kami!


Family and friends in Dubai

I’m happy to report that despite a few mishaps here and there, the party turned out to be a huge success. Sulit lahat ng stress ko sa preparations! 😉

I will do a separate blog post about the whole party later. Meanwhile, I would like to share some photos from our Christmas Eve celebration. Kami kami lang sa bahay and few friends ang nagcelebrate. We kept our Noche Buena simple and intimate para makapag-bonding lahat. Instead of waiting for 12 midnight, we had dinner at 8 pm para sabay daw kami sa Noche Buena sa Pinas.


From L to R: Gino, Rence, Ian, Kuya Joseph, Hans, Jayson & JR


BFF and I


Our theme: Green and White

Our Noche Buena Table

Unlike last year, we chose to keep our Noche Buena spread as simple as possible. We just ordered few boxes of pizza then whipped up easy to prepare dishes like pasta and adobo. And since we didn’t have a Christmas tree this year, I just DIY’ed a MERRY CHRISTMAS banner to make the table look festive kahit papano 😉


Happy birthday JESUS!


Chicken Adobo ala Rence


My husband’s aglio olio pasta


pizza courtesy of Kuya Joseph


more pizza


and more pizza!


buffalo wings


macaroni salad for dessert


Our humble Noche Buena table


Merry Christmas!

My sister arrived from work just after we finished dinner. That was the cue to finally open our bottle of Tequila!


And with Christmas carols playing in the background, we offered each other a toast for the happy holidays!  🙂

The toast was also our way of thanking each other for simply being there. For OFWs like us, having someone to celebrate Christmas with really means a lot.

That’s because we endure a lot throughout the year but it’s during these times that we find it the toughest.

It’s when we’re flooded with memories of simbang gabi, caroling, parol, and puto bungbong then we realize that nothing really beats Christmas back home. Iba talaga ang pasko sa Pinas.

It’s when we miss our families the most and hope for the best that next Christmas, we wouldn’t need to share Noche Buena via Skype anymore.

In short, it’s when homesickness multiplies a hundredfold. Malungkot pero ganun talaga. #BuhayOFW


My family in Pinas




Look at the last photo, ang kulit ni Chenks! Wacky pala ha! hahaha

Pinoy Henyo and Gifts

In between drinks and kwentuhan, we played a few rounds of charade and good ol’ Pinoy Henyo which sent the whole group laughing like there’s no tomorrow.

Pinoy Henyo Word: Dragon


Ian: Tao ba to?

All: Hindi

Ian: Bagay?

All:: Hindi

Ian: Hayop?

All: Oo!

Ian: Sa lupa?

All: Hindi

Ian: Sa hangin?

All: Oo!

Ian: Lumilipad?

All: Oo!

Ian: Ibon ba to?

All: Hindi!

Ian: E ano???!!! Lumilipad pero hindi ibon?! 

All: Oo nga! 

Ian: Ah butterfly!

All: Hindi!!!

Ian: Malaki ba?

All: Oo!!!!!

Ian: Edi malaking butterfly!



The party continued with more rounds of charade and Pinoy Henyo.  More than challenging, we found the games too hilarious that we literally laughed the night away!


Gino during the charade


Tawa pa more!

Before calling it a night, Jana handed out her presents for us — all the way from New York. Sosyal! 😉


presents from Jana


She also gave us a set of Martini mixers.


Jana’s gift for the whole flat. Ang sweet!

It was already 4 in the morning when we parted ways. With only few hours of sleep, we headed to Zabeel Park the next day for our Christmas Party.

And that is for another post 🙂


Maligayang Pasko from Dubai UAE!

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