It’s Almost (Long) Weekend!

Just like that, tapos na ang November 🙂

Luckily, we have a long weekend to enjoy before we kick start the joyous month of December (thanks to Martyr’s Day & UAE National Day). Instead of midweek, the Government decided to move the holidays from 1st to 3rd for public sector and 2nd & 3rd for private employees, thus, giving us a longer and much welcome weekend away from work.


44th UAE National Day

Because of the upcoming holidays, I’ve been hearing the same question in the office lately,

“What are your plans for the weekend?”

Well, unfortunately, we don’t have any (yet). As usual.

Initially, we wanted to book an overnight stay at Dreamland Aqua Park (or other hotels in the emirates). But as expected, the rates were just too steep for everyone’s budget. We also thought of just settling in with a more affordable overnight camp in the desert like what we did last year.  However, I’m not too confident if we could pull it off without the experts a.k.a my father and his 4×4 buddies because 1) we’re not well-equipped with camping tools 2) we’re not familiar with camping do’s & don’ts 3) We just don’t find it safe and 4)We don’t have a 4×4! hehe

So given these circumstances, we would probably end up spending the weekend at home lang.

Hmmm… Pwede din naman para tipid =)

Moving on, I would like to share with you some photos from our picnic date two Saturdays ago.




We woke up at 9 in the morning and thought of having an al fresco breakfast (since the temperature outside was starting to get better). I quickly fried some eggs, sausages, and tocino then prepared the rest of our picnic basket. I also grabbed some magazines, a flat sheet and some cushions to carry with us.

Ian: Hoy, dun ka na ba titira? Bakit andami mong dala?!





We had a really nice conversation while having brunch. No tv nor phones to distract us.

Disconnecting from technology for even a few hours made us realize how much of life we’re missing because we’re just too engrossed with the digital world.  Hay.



We spent the rest of the morning chilling by our little spot. We were surprised when we checked the time and it was already 3 pm!

Hmm.. Time definitely flies when you’re having a great time. =)




Our time at the park was such a welcome respite from our usual routine. If we run out of things to do this weekend, maybe we could just invite our family & friends for another picnic. What do you think? =)

By the way, there are rumors going around regarding some heightened security alerts issued in malls and other crowded areas during the national holidays. I am not sure if these terrorist threats were verified by the authorities or people are just too paranoid because of the recent Paris attacks. But whatever it is, perhaps it’s better to be vigilant and avoid going to crowded places as a safety precaution.

2 thoughts on “It’s Almost (Long) Weekend!

  1. Aww… ang sweet! Nanghihinayang ako that we have a park so near to where we live, but we rarely get the chance to take advantage of it as much as we would want to. Hopefully mayaya ko ang pamilya ko to have a picnic at the park soon like you guys did.
    So, how was your long weekend? 🙂

    1. Yan din actually ang naisip namin kaya we really pushed for the picnic. Sayang kasi ang lapit lapit ng park tapos hindi nasusulit. Sana magmeet na tayo soon!!! 🙂

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