Day06: Memories in 17 Photographs

***This is Day 6 entry for my 17 Blog Posts for November challenge =)

“Looking at a photograph and wishing you could relive that moment over and over again…”source


Cove Rotana, October 2014

Believe it or not, I have already taken a total of 20K+ pictures from my phone. Apart pa yan from the photos taken from Ian’s phone and other cameras. I also have 10 years worth of digital albums saved in my laptop. Then recently, I started bugging my sister na din to scan all our childhood photos back home. Ganyan ako kasentimental! hahaha

I am the type of person who would take random photos everyday. I don’t care kung hindi maganda ang lighting or composition. Gusto ko lang na ma-capture yung nangyayari right at that very moment. Nakakatuwa lang kasi how a simple snap can tell a story and bring back memories na alam mong hindi na mauulit. Thru photographs mo din minsan marerealize kung gaano ka-blessed and kung gaano kasaya ang buhay mo. =)

So anyway, this post was quite a challenge. Among thousands of photographs, I only had to choose 17. I will not include na our anniversaries, engagement, wedding and other special occasions. Given na yung mga yun. So here we go.

  1. My graduation (Mar 2010). This was when Ian met my family for the first time.100_1700
  2. First Christmas in Dubai (Dec 2010). Ian just arrived from PH few days before christmas. Perfect xmas gift! DSC_0113
  3. Ice Skating in Dubai Mall (Nov 2011). This led me to write my first ever blog post!081120111518
  4. Mini Prenup shoot in Barracuda (Apr 2011). Hindi sya dapat nakasama sa trip na yan because of work but my aunt generously hired a chauffer para ipasundo sya. Buti nalang, kasi otherwise we won’t have this really nice photo to keep =)204854_10150220906976477_790266476_8559424_5074094_o
  5. Birthday in the sky (Mar 2013). Our flight was scheduled on the evening of 11th March. We welcomed my birthday while our plane was cruising thousands of feet from the ground. Little did we know that we would get married exactly two years later =)IMG_0290
  6. My Bestfriends (Mar 2013). It was our first time to meet Gino. First time din na lahat kami may boyfriend and happily inlove. Dati kasi laging may isang broken-hearted. Di’ba Rence? 😉 DSC_6925
  7. Our family picture in Gapan (Mar 2013). Naalala ko last day na ng vacation namin and pabalik na kami ng Dubai day after. Ang saya lang na may ganyan kaming family picture. And look at Tatay doing a wacky post. hehe. DSC_9307
  8. Eraserheads Concert (Apr 2013). It’s not actually about the concert, I just love this candid shot taken by Crissy. 😉DSC_9444
  9. Dubai Miracle Garden (May 2013). Our first time in DMG. DSC_0070
  10. Christmas with my bestfriends (Dec 2013). It was a happy moment to be with my bestfriends again after 3 years. Dati mga hopeless romantic college students lang kami sa Baguio. Ngayon nasa Dubai na kami lahat with our loves. San naman kaya kami after 5 or 10 years? =)DSC_3552
  11. Eid at Cove Rotana Beach (Oct 2014). Our first time in Ras Al Khaimah. The price we paid for this overnight stay was a steal considering it was a holiday. The place was immense and breathtaking! DSC00257
  12. Eid at Cove Rotana Beach (Oct 2014). Here’s another picture I love =)DSC00211
  13. When I Played Basketball (Nov 2014). Our company organized a Basketball Tournament and since every team must have one female player, they forced invited me to join. My husband was there the whole time coaching & cheering for me even if I was totally clueless (and useless) inside the court. heheDSC_6191
  14. Desert Camping (Dec 2014). Papa invited us to join him & his 4×4 group for an overnight camping trip in the freezing Dubai desert. The next morning, they generously treated us with an exhilarating dune bashing drive! DSC_6684
  15. New Year’s Eve (Jan 2015). After many years, finally naka-experience din ng New Year si Ian away from work. Love our color-coodinated outfits!DSC_8542
  16. Family Picture 1 (May 2015). We managed to have both of our families in one place when we organized a mini reunion at RVK Resort in Tarlac. Nakakatuwa lang na nagtravel pa yung relatives nya from Manila just for that day.DSC_9803
  17. Family Picture 2 (May 2015). This is naman my side of the family (taken at the same day). Tatay’s siblings also came all the way from Gapan. Ian is missing in this picture pero I still love it just the same.DSC_9848

So those are just 17 of my most favorite photos. I know madadagdagan pa yan in the years to come. =)

Meanwhile, matutulog na ko because I have to catch an early flight tomorrow. Goodnight!

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