Pause From My Daily Blog Challenge

It’s almost 12 midnight and we just got home. Unfortunately, wala nang time to update my daily challenge. Hmm, let’s see if I can work on some backlogs during my Sweden trip. I really want to complete my 17 blog posts for November challenge. Sana may wifi sa hotel =)

So anyway, the reason we were out so late was because I finally decided to buy some winter stuff for my upcoming trip. Last minute preps as usual. tsk tsk,

boots with a fur. hehe

While shopping, Papa called and asked kung nasan daw kami. He invited us to have dinner at Hardrock’s DFC. More like Hamda’s despedida daw kasi uuwi sya sa Pinas tomorrow. Of course, since we were out na din naman, we gleefully agreed and joined them right away. When we entered the place, I was surprised to see a huge crowd considering na it’s Sunday night. Parang weekend sa sobrang busy!

Ayun, dinner lasted for more than 3 hours kasi we did a lot of catching up. Thanks to Papa for the treat. Kami naman ang taya next time!

So that’s about it. Just wanted to explain why I missed a post today.

Goodnight! =)

finally got my swedish kronas!

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