Day 02: 17 Facts About My Husband


“Knowing a person is like music. What attracts us to them is their melody, and as we get to know who they are, we learn their lyrics.” -source

Ian and I have been together for 6 years. Probably enough time to know each other inside out. Here are 17 random facts about him.

  1. My husband’s name should have been Clarence Ian if his father did not mistakenly write Clarrent on his birth certificate.
  2. He is an only child. Having a sibling is one of his biggest “what-ifs” in life. 100_0875
  3. Ian is very clever. He won’t let anyone outsmart him. He also has a good memory and strong sense of logic. So lying to him is never an option! hahaha
  4. He plays basketball, bowling, billiards, darts, etc. really well. Best in P.E!
  5. He is an amazing dancer too. =)
  6. My husband is a thorough & animated story teller. He doesn’t like summarizing. He will describe even the smallest detail/event (with action pa!). In the end, you will feel like you were there when it happened. lol!
  7. Ian loves to collect sneakers & watches. He loves his limited edition Jordan shoes the most.


    my centipede

  8. My husband is very very impatient. He gets annoyed easily but cools down just as fast. So weird!
  9. It took him six (6) tries before he got his UAE driving license! hahaha
  10. He can cook delicious food. He got this from his mom’s side of the family.


    His version of Aglio Olio pasta

  11. He was a smoker when we first met. But when he came to Dubai, he stopped on his own. He’s been off cigarettes for almost 5 years now. =)
  12. My husband’s penmanship is waaay better than mine. He also draws. He told me he was supposed to take fine arts in college but didn’t push through for some reason.
  13. Ian is afraid of carnival rides specially those involving heights. haha.
  14. My husband is a slow eater. Expect a long pause in between every plate. Like 15-30 minutes intervals!IMG_2602
  15. He has a remarkable sense of humor.
  16. He never gets drunk. Never!
  17. My husband is full of wisdom. He likes inspiring people by telling them about his past and how he strived hard to achieve a better life. He’s never ashamed to share his story. Thinking about it, he could actually be an effective counselor or maybe a pastor? JK!

Looking forward to more discoveries in the future =)

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