17 Blog Posts for November

Since our 6th Anniversary as boyfriend-girlfriend is approaching soon (November 17 to be exact), I thought of coming up with 17 blog posts dedicated to my dearest husband. This will be tough considering that I am not really keen on sharing personal details here in my blog. Likewise, I am not too sure if I would be able to post atleast one entry every day.

But as Barney from How I Met Your Mother always say, “Challenge accepted!”

Goodluck to me! hahaha

Here are 17 topics in my mind right now. Some of these might change but we’ll see later.

Day 01: How we met

Day 02: Write 17 facts about him

Day03: How did we celebrate our past anniversaries

Day04: 17 Reasons why I love him

Day05: Share a funny/memorable moment

Day06: Share 17 of our most favorite photos

Day07: What do we fight about/ challenges in our relationship

Day08: What changed since we first met each other?

Day09: 6 Things I learned from/admire about him

Day10: If given a chance, where is our dream destination?

Day11: Share how he proposed to me.

Day12: How did I know that he was the one

Day13: My fears about our relationship

Day14: What did we learn from our relationship? Advice for other couples.

Day15: How do we imagine life in 5, 10, or 20 years?

Day16: Force Ask him to write a love letter for me

Day17: My message for him

Let’s see how this goes. It’s November 2 so I’m already two posts behind. Tsk. Why didn’t I think about this earlier?! Anyway, I will try to finish day 1 & 2 tonight and from there on will be posting regularly until November 17. =)

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