Dolce far Niente

“Dolce far Niente”

Yes, I just spoke Italian. Probably the only Italian words I know aside from peperoni and capuccino. haha.

I came across this phrase yesterday while watching Eat, Pray, Love by Julia Roberts. “Dolce far Niente”, according to her Italian tutor, means “The sweetness of doing nothing”. Or in Tagalog, “Ang tamis ng pagiging batugan” hahaha

Kidding aside, that particular scene when Julia heartily made her own breakfast and sat on the floor to eat while chanting “Dolce far Niente” (as if it’s the most luxurious thing she did for herself) forced me to reflect.


Because, I did the same thing yesterday. I had my own version of “Dolce far Niente”!

Though I wasn’t in Italy, I literally did nothing but eat, sleep and play candy crush — all day! Husband was at work so I also took the opportunity to catch up on my favorite series. Heck, I didn’t even bother to do any chores. Slacking at its finest! hahaha

But did I find it sweet?

Well, I would be a hypocrite to say that I didn’t appreciate a full day of doing nothing relaxation. But honestly, rather than finding it sweet, I actually felt guilty.

Thinking about it, I just wasted one day out of my precious short life. A day I should have spent with family & friends, exploring a nice place, or maybe learning something new. Instead, I wasted it and chose to do nothing. Nothing productive. Nothing meaningful. Nothing I could be proud of.

Well in fairness to me, I had my excuses. That it was my day off so I deserved to rest. That it was too hot to go outside. That my husband took the car to work (and even if he didn’t, I still won’t drive because I’m scared to). That I couldn’t take the metro anyway because I no longer have a NOL card. That I didn’t want to spend money. And the list goes on…

Truth is, I’M JUST TOO LAZY TO LIVE MY LIFE. And I feel so guilty about it.

It’s just so scary to grow old and look back to only realize that I actually wasted my life doing nothing. Why can’t I take advantage while I still have the time, money (?) and energy to do things. I even have my family, friends and husband to share experiences with. Why do I always choose to decline opportunities to enjoy life while I still can?


In my 27 years of existence, I’ve had my fair share of “Dolce far Niente”. And I loved them. However, I seriously think its about time to get rid of all the excuses and actually start living life the way I should. I don’t want to have regrets in the future.

At the end of the day, when everything flashes back at me, I would like to see a FULL LIFE — a life filled with AMAZING MISADVENTURES, BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS, and VALUABLE LESSONS.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s fine to “do nothing” once in a while. It truly is a luxury specially for the busy people out there. But don’t make it a habit. Because LIFE IS TOO PRECIOUS to waste. =)

2 thoughts on “Dolce far Niente

  1. Great post, Mauh! There are instances when I want to spend time by myself and just do nothing, but when faced with the opportunity, I feel guilty because sayang yung time that I should spend with my kids; they grow up so fast and we shouldn’t waste time that could be spent making precious memories.

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