Blessed Days in Pictures (Part 3)

Hello There!

I take lots of random photos everyday so I thought of coming up with Blessed Days in Pictures’ series. This way, I would be able to document even the simplest moments/things. This is also a good way to share with you some little trinkets about me.

So enjoy! 😉


1. To lighten up the mood, let me begin by showing you some photos of my favorite niece, Ava. She’s now on her 8th month and she’s incredibly growing cuter and cuter each day =)

Really adorable…and really heavy too!






with Kuya Gab =)

2. It was my cousin Taszha’s 12th birthday recently so her mom thoughtfully organized a really charming Hello Kitty party for her. We were the last guests to arrive but we still had lots of fun nonetheless.


3. Looking at the dessert table above, I remembered the chocolate cake I baked last weekend. It was initially a fail because it didn’t rise too well. I was losing hope already because after almost an hour in the oven, it was still looking raw.

See, I normally follow recipes up to the smallest detail but for this particular cake, I used Cadbury chocolate drink instead of the usual cocoa powder I normally use for baking. I ran out of stock so I used what was available at home (P.S nagtitipid kasi ako.) Baka kako yun yung reason kaya palpak?

After few more minutes, I had no choice but take it out of the oven already. Surprisingly, the cake turned out to be really moist and chewy! Masarap naman daw in fairness =)


topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. Sweetness overload!

4. Our room’s theme recently… flowers, birds and butterflies! hahaha



5. My husband took this photo of me while watching Friends (for the nth time). Mukha daw kasi akong sirena. haha


This is how my typical weekend looks like

6. We had several trips to IKEA when my mother-in-law was here. Like me, she loves looking at shopping for home-furnishing items more than anything else. It was her first time in IKEA and I can’t tell you how much fun she had! She wanted to take everything home!

MIL: Ang ganda ganda nitong kama Ian. Sakto sa kwarto nyo sa Tarlac.

Ian (in a serious tone): Ma, sige bibilhin ko yang kama na yan kung maipagkakasya mo sa isang LBC box.

Toinks. hahaha

She ended up buying small kitchen items and home tools.


Feel na feel part 1


Feel na feel part 2


Feel na feel part 3


Feel na feel part 4


Feel na feel part 5


Feel na feel part 6!

Pwede na bang maging endorsers ng IKEA?! hahaha


Swedish meatballs =)


From L-R Gena, Rence, MIL, Ian and I


Affordable dinner in IKEA

7. Some random moments with family and friends 🙂


Dinner with family


During Taszha’s birthday


movie marathon


we’re drinking ribbons! hahaha


Insidious 3. Look at their hilarious reactions!

8. Another colleague has left our team recently.  She’s migrating to Australia to finally fulfill her lifelong dream of joining her siblings there.

Before this opportunity, she tried different ways to get a visa but to no avail. So when she went for a business trip  last December, she met her counterpart from Australia and told him about her predicament. After few weeks, she received an email saying that the same position she currently holds here in Dubai is up for grabs in Perth Australia!  She underwent few phone and Skype interviews and was hired sooner than she expected. Such a lucky coincidence!

See, this is what we call “sa tamang panahon” or “in God’s perfect time”  =)

To bid her farewell, we went for an after-office gig at Carter’s Wafi Mall and enjoyed some drinks. It was a great night full of stories and delicious food.



chicken kebab


One of the best calamari plates ever!


buffalo wings


great deals during happy hour. Only AED23 for a pint of Stella


I was asked to take a photo of my lady colleagues but took this selfie instead. Hahaha


We will miss you A!



our boss who is always so supportive of everything — both personal & work-wise aspect. =)


Our team =)

9. Speaking of business trips, I will be travelling to Europe in November! My boss selected me to attend a 3-day training in Sweden (an all-expense paid =)). Afterwhich, I will go on a side-trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. I’m so excited and nervous at the same time because err, I will be travelling alone. It will be a mini adventure for me!

Funny how back in Dec 2013 when I wrote this post, I said that in 2-3 years I wish to finally visit Sweden — and my wish came true! This is a clear proof of how effective it is to set a goal and actually work for it.

Of course, it’s also a testament of God’s unceasing grace. Amazing how he provides the desires of our hearts in his own magical way & timing. Just wow!


On to my first-ever trip to Europe!

Nyhavn - Copenhagen Denmark

See you soon Nyhavn! source

Happy weekend everyone! =)

3 thoughts on “Blessed Days in Pictures (Part 3)

  1. A Europe visit for free?! Weee! Blessing nga yan. So happy for you, Mauh! Di ka pa umaalis pero I’m already looking forward to your blog posts about it ☺

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