Eid Al Adha 2015

We had two trips to the airport last Saturday. One was around lunch time to drop my sister off on her way to Kish, Iran. The other one in the evening for my mother in law’s trip back home. Just like that, their month-long visa was over. Waaahhh, ang bilis talaga ng araw!


Ang bilis talaga! Last I remember, my cutie pamangkin was just a tiny baby. Ngayon may ngipin na sya! hahaha

Ayun, after a month with our guests, we’re now back to the usual routine. Upon seeing the empty room pag-uwi namin from the airport, sobrang nalungkot ako (with matching luha pa). Ang OA ko daw sabi ng asawa ko. Baka nakakalimutan ko daw na sya ang tunay na anak at hindi ako. Sorry naman, na-carried away lang! Hahaha


Tita Raisa & my siblings joined us at the airport to send her off

My sister, on the other hand, will be back after a few days. Kaso she will start working pretty soon and stay in an apartment in Sharjah. We will just be seeing her on her off days which is once a week. I am praying na like me, maging fruitful din ang stay nya dito sa UAE. And I hope that if she succeeds, she’ll have the heart & generosity to share her blessings. I believe kasi na the more we give, the richer we become. Do you agree? 🙂


Speaking of our guests, their vacation was perfectly timed for Eid Al Adha. We initially planned to book a hotel but knowing that the rates will be expensive, we decided to just let go of the idea and look for cheaper & equally enjoyable ways to celebrate. One was an impromptu trip to Mamzar Beach on 23rd September (Arafat Day). It was the day before Eid so the crowd was still manageable since most of our Muslim friends were fasting.


Eid Al Adha 2015

Since our beach trip wasn’t planned, we just gave last minute calls to whoever wanted to join (the more, the merrier) and started preparing after lunch. My mother in law cooked adobo while I baked a chocolate cake for dessert. We also bought fish and eggplants to grill. We left home around 4 pm and reached Mamzar Beach in 15 minutes. Thankfully, there was ample parking which for sure, would not be available if we had gone the day after. 😉 By the way, entrance fee to the park is AED5 per person and children under a certain height may enter for free.


This is the spot we go to every single time.


Playing cards while waiting for the others. That’s the cake I baked!


L-R Rence (seated), Crissy, MIL, Jerome, Gena, Gino


This time with Ian





My MIL was elated to see something else aside from the malls. lol





Jerome & Gino


Happy Eid!!!

The day after was Jerome’s birthday so we just stayed home for pansit, pizza & beer. Sarap!


Jerome, btw, is my husband’s cousin.

On Friday naman, we met up with my cousins at Al Ghurair Center. Seeing them once in a while is a clear reminder of how lucky I am to have family and friends here in Dubai.


From L-R: Ian, Tei, Buds, Gena, Reine and Itoy



Buds & Gena


Mc Donald’s Al Ghurair

Before I end this post, I have kwento about Reine, our very witty pamangkin. It’s hilarious but at the same time enlightening.

See, our meet-up in Al Ghurair was biglaan so I was only wearing ‘pambahay’ clothes. While walking around, we bumped into Ian’s friends and what I did was quickly walk away before they noticed me. I tagged Reine along with me and this happened…

Me (while murmuring to myself): Nakakahiya, nakapambahay lang ako.

Reine: Why are you hiding?

Me: Because my clothes are ugly


Me (Natulala na lang):

Waah!!! I was dumbfounded with her words. I didn’t expect that from an 8 year old.

Oo nga naman, why would I make an issue out of something that may not even be a big deal (to others)? Why would I complicate my life because of petty little things? Why don’t I just enjoy life without minding other people? And why am I so worried about everything?!

Honestly, it was actually more embarrassing na yung bata pa ang nagturo sakin ng lesson than wearing a horrible outfit inside a mall. hahaha


Reine and my pambahay getup. lol!


4 thoughts on “Eid Al Adha 2015

  1. Hi Mau, I enjoyed reading your blog, so many updates 🙂

    And yes I do believe that the more we give, the more we will be blessed, so I hope your sister settles down and find a job soon!

    God bless

  2. Hi Mau, I enjoyed reading your blog, too many updates 🙂

    Yes I also believe that the more you give the more you will be blessed back. So I hope your sister settles down in Dubai and get a job soon!

    And your pamangkin is smart!

    God bless you

    1. Hi Ms. Candice, thanks for your time. Appreciate it when people go out of their way to comment and reach out. I’m an avid reader of your blog as well, I love the updates about your family and your travels! Keep up the inspiring posts! 🙂

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