Snaps from Paradise – Boracay, Philippines (Part 2)

Continuation of Day 1…

By 7 pm, we finally reached our hotel. We didn’t want to waste any more time so right after checking in, we quickly freshened up and went out to take a peek at Boracay’s famous night life.

Naglakad lakad lang muna kami sa beachfront to check out the crowd. Then we entered D’Mall but most of the stores were already closed.  After some time, we both felt tired and sleepy so we just headed to the nearest convenience store to buy some essentials.


We saw a number of celebrities during our stay in Boracay.


Boracay’s D’Mall at night


Mabuhay Boracay!


If you have stayed in the Middle East for a long time, maninibago ka to see liquor practically being sold everywhere! lol

We slept early that night and planned to get up by 6 am to watch the sunrise. Pero as usual, we woke up by noon time na! hahaha


sunrise pala ha!

Our Accommodation

Since it was a budget trip, we didn’t expect much from our accommodation. However, what’s great about Bans Beach Resort is that it’s conveniently located right by the beach and in the middle of stations 1 & 2! Also, the room assigned to us was quite spacious. Pwedeng pwede for large groups 😉


Bans Beach Resort, Boracay Philippines

Aside from location, we also loved the resort’s landscape. As soon as we went out of our room every morning, the refreshing colors of green & white greeted us. Nakakagaan ng mood!


Dedma sa sampay ng mga kapitbahay. hehe


There are also nipa huts available for guests


White sand beach just outside the resort

If you would like to check their rates, click here to visit the website.

Day 2

We started our day late so first thing on our itinerary was look for a place to eat. Unfortunately, those two guys on the photo above invited us to Astoria Boracay for free buffet lunch. Syempre nung sinabing free, go agad kami! hahaha We just found out later na ang kapalit pala nun is 2 hours of listening to their time sharing presentation.

Ian: Sayang yung oras natin dun ah. Pero ok narin, masarap naman lalo na’t libre!



free buffet lunch in Boracay


tipid tipid din pag may chance

Finally, after repeatedly telling them that we cannot afford a vacation ownership, they let us go. We hurriedly left the venue and passed by Astoria grounds. The hotel was well planned. Maliit lang yung space pero they were able to maximize the area.

After our Astoria gig, we headed towards station 3. My travel buddy who is so in the mood to stroll wanted to cover the whole shoreline and see the highlights of each station (grrr!). Ang layooooooooooo!!!

My tips when strolling in Boracay:

  1. Bring quality and comfortable footwear.
  2. Cover yourself with sunblock from Day 1. (Unlike us who only remembered to apply on our last day! tsk!)
  3. Do not attempt to walk from Station 1 to 3 if you’re not fit enough (like me). Mababadtrip ka lang!












We also took the opportunity to linger by the beach and marvel at how people seem to have the time of their lives just by simply being there (including us!)

Another tip: Best thing to do in Boracay? Find a nice spot by the beach and spend the whole afternoon reading or listening to soothing music.








By sunset, we redeemed our free dinner vouchers from Villa De Oro. Grilled meat plus cold beer? Perfect way to relax and recuperate after a very tiring stroll!


Free grilled dinner from Villa De Oro


This is LIFE!

Before going back to our hotel, we took a mandatory “I am here in Boracay” photo worth 20 pesos.


We also did some bar hopping that night and that’s about it. We practically spent our first day walking (and eating)! Believe it or not, we didn’t even swim. Hahaha I know it’s crazy but as long as I’m with my baby, we could do anything and everything and still have the best time 🙂


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