UAE Roadtrip Part 1: From Dubai to the Other Emirates

On one of my previous posts, I mentioned that Ate Leng flew all the way from France to visit Rence for few days. The short trip was a post-birthday surprise from his French husband, Kuya Manu. Ang sweet! 🙂


Kuya Manu and Ate Leng. He understands and speaks quite a number of Tagalog words. Amazing!

They arrived on 4th June and were scheduled to leave by the 8th. So naturally, my BFF Rence was so ‘aligaga’ coordinating their itinerary. To make the most out of their short stay, she planned to tour them around the 7 emirates — all in 2 days!

After a thorough deliberation, our target route looked like this:

Dubai -> Sharjah  -> Ajman -> Umm Al Quwain -> Ras Al Khaimah -> Fujairah -> Abu Dhabi -> Dubai


Our very own DIY UAE Roadtrip

The itinerary looked promising but for poor husband who was tasked to drive, mukhang nakakapagod! lol!

To save on expenses, we invited our guests to just stay at our place (rather than booking a hotel). So on their first night, Ate & Kuya slept in Rence’s room then the four of us just stayed together in our room. Ayun, dahil sa kwentuhan we ended up sleeping late even if we had to wake up early the next day 😉


With our bedspacers 🙂

Friday, 5th June (8 am)


All geared up for an awesome roadtrip!

We left Dubai early and headed towards north. We didn’t really plan on stopping by Sharjah or Ajman coz we had limited time. We just showed Ate Leng how the corniche look like and gave her a peek of the many mosques in the UAE!


photo source: Ate Leng’s FB page

Along the way, we were happily chatting and taking selfies. Then out of the blue, I suddenly had the urge to call Tatay to check on them. It’s not unusual naman for me to talk to them every weekend pero our conversation that time was different. Sadly, yun na pala yung last time na makakausap ko sya because five days later, he passed away. 😥

These pictures below amazingly captured that phone call. Looking at these makes me sad pero atleast I have something to keep with me.


My last phone call with Tatay

So to whoever reads this post, I advise you to make time for your loved ones. While you have the opportunity, cherish every moment with them. Spare some time in your day to call or see them. Show them how much you treasure them. And say I love you as often as you can. Kapag wala na kasi sila hindi mo na maibabalik eh.

Not long after, we reached our first stop — Barracuda Beach Resort in Umm Al Quwain. We didn’t have any plans of staying there though. We just dropped by to buy ourselves some drinks 😉


Barracuda Beach Resort and the intriguing cargo plane

We were all curious on how this plane ended up outside the resort so I consulted the ever reliable Mr. Google and found this article from The abandoned plane now serves as a landmark for Barracuda. Nice!

After our purchase, we had a bit of time to spare so we indulged ourselves with a fun 3D shoot c/o Bacardi. They were so generous to give us these printed copies. Thank you Bacardi! 🙂


Bacardi 3d Art


Bacardi 3d Art


Gino, Ian and Kuya Manu

Our next destination… The emirate of Ras Al Khaimah!


This and more on my next post

5 thoughts on “UAE Roadtrip Part 1: From Dubai to the Other Emirates

  1. Hey Mauh, so sorry to hear about your tatay. May his soul rest in peace.

    Glad to see you’re blogging again, it’s been a long time since I last blog hopped here! 🙂

  2. This looks like so much fun. Going on a similar trip with my family visiting over Christmas. What kind of car did you use? I want them to be very comfortable 🙂

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