Blessed Days in Pictures (Part 2)

Hello There! I take a lot of random photos everyday so I thought of coming up with ‘Blessed Days in Pictures’ series. This way, I would be able to document even the simplest moments/things. This is also a good way to share with you some little trinkets about me. So enjoy! 😉


1. Few weeks back, we had a potluck lunch in the office. I and my Filipina colleagues agreed to bring some Pinoy dishes and then invite our other colleagues to try them. We had chicken adobo, pansit bihon, ginataang hipon, etc. I was so proud that the foreigners gamely tried everything and loved every dish!


Ate Rhed’s chicken adobo


I brought chicken fried rice. Not too Pinoy but ok narin. hehe


My colleagues enjoying lunch


Let’s do this again sometime!

2. Tita Raisa invited us to sign up for a crossfit program she’s been doing for months now. Since we were struggling to lose weight, (not that we were really trying hard. lol!) we agreed to do a free trial in one of the gyms at Al Nasr Club.

Crossfit, by the way, is a strength and conditioning program consisting of a mix of aerobic exercise, gymnastics and weight lifting. In short, it is REALLY INTENSE and not for a weakling like me. hehe

Ian finished a whole routine but poor me couldn’t even complete the first part. It was hilariously embarrassing because I couldn’t do the basics properly! Ian was so confused he couldn’t help but ask, “Normal na tao ka ba? Squat lang di mo pa magawa?!” hahaha

After more than an hour of training, I couldn’t get up anymore. My arms and legs felt painfully heavy. It was even worse when I woke up the next day. Then I was practically sore for a week.

Obviously, my body is not used to strenuous physical activities. Guess I should stop being lazy and work to achieve a more active lifestyle. hahaha


The gym is located beside this Olympic-sized swimming pool.


The routines were written on this white board.


I am impressed with this lady. She managed to lift more than a hundred kg of weights


Our trainer was Sharee who happens to be Hamda’s bestfriend.


Here’s Ian doing the first part of the routine which I couldn’t do properly. hahaha. On his right, you will see Tita Raisa doing some bear crawls.


We survived! Thanks to Tita Raisa and Sharee for accommodating us! 🙂

3. I am so lucky to have a husband who cooks really well. He could just watch a recipe in youtube and replicate it so easily. Like this Aglio E Olio pasta which I requested 2 weeks ago. So delicious and full of love syempre! 😉


Aglio E Olio pasta with shrimps


Perfect with beer shandy

Last week, he surprised me with another version. This time, with chicken and cashew. Sarap!


Aglio E Olio pasta with chicken & cashew nuts

4. Last month, one of the suppliers delivered these flowers to our office. They sent us different colors of orchids as samples. I happily obliged when my boss asked me to display one on my desk. 🙂

IMG_3310a IMG_3314IMG_3313a5. Speaking of work, another colleague has left our department to be a stay at home mom to her 5 year old son. Her son was always sick so she decided to stop working for the meantime and tend to his needs. It wasn’t an easy decision to sacrifice a good-paying job for her family and I really admire her for that.


‘Till we meet again


As remembrance, we gifted her with a pair of Swarovski jewelries.

6. Speaking of work again, the service office team were asked to support the store one Friday to accommodate the huge number of customers. My duty started from 1 pm until 10 pm. I worked as a greeter, a sales person, and a bagger/packer. I was standing the whole time. whew! Kudos to our co-workers who patiently do those everyday. Sometimes, it’s also good to try someone else’s shoes in order to appreciate what they do. It also makes you realize how blessed you are to have a better and more convenient job than them.


We gave away lots of balloons for the kids.


Yellow and blue balloons everywhere!


We had mascots too! So cute!


These are available as soft toys in our children’s department

7. I wanted Gab to feel special on his birthday so I sent Che some money to prepare an impromptu small party for him. Nothing grand actually. But for a child, as long as he sees a cake, some balloons and his playmates, then he’s happy. I also asked Che to give him several gifts (7 to be exact) just like last year. 🙂


His birthday cake


The birthday boy


Happy with his ‘surprise party’


The birthday boy and his mini guests


7 gifts for his 7th birthday

8. Two weeks ago, Ian and I went to IKEA to buy some summer hats for me and Rence. Unfortunately, we ended up buying more than what we planned for! haha

Ang ending, we had to change the layout of our room to accommodate our purchase. Which turned out really nice naman if you ask me. 😉

By the way, IKEA’s Part Sale is still ongoing. It will run until 4th July 2015. Better hurry before stocks run out!


This was the hat! hahaha


We moved the sofa bed by the window to give way to the bed


Since IKEA is on sale, we bought a REGOLIT floor lamp (AED129), a BESTA TV stand (AED165), and a green HAMPEN rug (AED235)


Our new BESTA TV stand looks the same as the old one. Only difference is its height. We moved the old one by the window.


Here’s the bright green rug. Parang Bermuda grass. haha


Our old TV stand now serves as a bookcase and a table.


view from our window.

9. Meanwhile, this was Thursday night for us. Some card games and booze was all we needed! haha
IMG_4147 IMG_4150 IMG_4152

10. Finally, these are Ate Leng’s pasalubong from France (She’s Rence’ eldest sister). So sweet of her to bring us all these. She also brought a Longchamp for me and a nice shirt for Ian (not in the picture). And of course, keychains for my collection!


Pasalubong from France

6 thoughts on “Blessed Days in Pictures (Part 2)

  1. You’re so lucky to have a husband who can cook! I’m always the cook in our house and although I love to cook, I sometimes envy girls with guys who cook for them. Haha! Your room looks nice and chic. I also love the huge window by your bed. I’d have to say that your wall accents are nice too. Oh, and that Love picture frame is too cute! 😀 🙂

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