Our Wedding Day

Can’t believe it’s been two months since our wedding day. Is it only me o sadyang mabilis talaga ang panahon?!

Anyway, people at work keep asking me what changed now that I’m married. Well except that we are legally allowed to live in the same apartment now, I can honestly say na wala namang masyadong nagbago. We still treat each other the same way as how we’ve been for the last 5.5 years. Only now, parang mas inlove at mas sweet sya sakin. O imagination ko lang yun? 😉

Also, I haven’t changed my family name yet. Hindi ko pa nareresearch kung papano magpalit ng civil status altogether. Andami kasing dapat i-update like passport, bank details, driving license, employee information, etc. SYEMPRE TAMAD AKO kaya I’ll leave that nalang for later. Antayin ko na muna yung authenticated marriage certificate namin. By next month daw marereceive na namin.


In this post, I will show you some photos from our civil wedding. Though it was nowhere near the dream wedding I had in mind since I learned the concept of love, the happiness I felt that day was still incomparable. Ganun pala yung feeling kapag finally ilalaan mo na yung buhay mo sa taong mahal mo. Yun na yun e. After all those years, magkahawak kamay naming naabot yung finish line. Nakakaproud at nakakakilig!

At sabi nga nila, sa hinaba haba man daw ng prusisyon, sa simbahan parin ang tuloy. For our case, sa Philippine Consulate nga lang at hindi literally sa simbahan. haha! 😉


Our wedding was scheduled on 12th of March 2015. That day was also my birthday. We intentionally picked that date kasi nga since simple lang yung wedding, we wanted to make it special and memorable kahit papano.

IMG_9542 (2)

When I woke up that morning, hindi ako emotional or kinakabahan at all. Parang normal day lang. And since it was an effortless wedding, hindi din ako stressed. 😉

I was totally fine up until I saw Papa. Parang bigla nalang nagsink in lahat. Naiyak ako na parang ewan. Syempre nandun na yung namiss ko yung rest ng family. Mas masaya kasi sana kung nandun din sila. Pero more than the longing, it was happiness and appreciation that my father was there to share one of the most important milestones in my life. Take note, naka-coat pa sya! hahaha


I would also like to thank the rest of our guests. To Tita Raisa, Mark and our dear friends na umabsent pa para samahan kami. By the way, my make-up was done by my bestfriend Rence and the bouquet was courtesy of our other friend, Mark. Thank you Lord for awesome friends and family!

IMG_9539 (2)




The whole ceremony was a total blur. I’m still trying to recall everything but I can’t really remember most of the details. Perhaps for a moment, my brain merely shut down and it was just me and my heart trying to relish every blissful minute. It was just too surreal to actually watch my lifetime dream happen right before my eyes. More than amazing, really!

I’m glad I have these pictures to remind me though. Thank you Kuya Jun for capturing the moments and emotions so well! 🙂 🙂














Pagpasensyahan nyo na si Papa at nagmana sakin. Medyo iyakin din! hahaha


Again, I am beyond thankful to our family and friends who have sincerely shared our love and happiness. To those who didn’t make it, sa church wedding nalang next year 🙂


The chase is finally over. We are now married and about to start another chapter in our love story.

I thank our Almighty Father for blessing me with someone who loves me enough to entrust me his name; someone whom I can blissfully spend the rest of my life with; someone I now call MY HUSBAND. 🙂


Love and kisses, 

Mrs. Sebeldia 

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