Blessed Days in Pictures (Part 1)

Hello There!

I take a lot of random photos everyday so I thought of coming up with ‘Blessed Days in Pictures’ series. This way, I would be able to document even the simplest moments/things. This is also a good way to share with you some little trinkets about me. So enjoy! 😉


1. This is our plan for Nanay’s new bahay kubo. It’s basically the same as the existing structure pero we want the new one to be more presko and spacious. We are also planning to add an extension at the back that will have a seating capacity of 10-15 pax. We would also surround the place with plants for cooler air and privacy. Construction is already underway and will take probably few more weeks. I will show you some photos once it’s done 🙂 (Artwork courtesy of my dear husband and yours truly. hehe) IMG_2637 2. These are some wacky shots we took from an ultrathin Apple iMac displayed in Plug-ins DFC. Naamaze kami sa sobrang nipis and laki ng screen! Mura lang naman sya, AED7999! hahaha. Can’t afford kaya naki-picture nalang kami 🙂 IMG_2501 IMG_2502 3. My office table. Wala lang. IMG_2731 4. Showing you our revamped co-worker restaurant. These were taken during the launch which featured a popcorn cart, chocolate fountain, a mini concert, and of course, free food for everybody! Oh, and take a look at what’s written on one of the restaurant’s walls! IMG_2770IMG_2782IMG_2778IMG_2776 5. Ali, one of my nicest colleagues, is moving on with his career. He will be leaving our department to manage our new venture in Al Ain. We all feel happy for him but of course, we will all miss his kindness and enthusiasm. To send him off, we ordered a 2-kg oreo chessecake from Abela. Yum! IMG_3083 IMG_2981 IMG_2983 6. I just finished all the available episodes of Game of Thrones (until Season 5 episode 4 ata). No wonder a lot of people are talking about it. Andaming scenes na napapanganga nalang ako sa sobrang pagka-amaze or suspense. Another good point is how they surprise us with unbelievable plot twists. Ang tataba ng utak nila! And don’t forget the costumes and locations. Hindi tinipid! lol! However, nabother lang ako sa sobrang dami ng characters. Daig ko pa ang nagrereview sa exam sa dami ng kailangang iremember. Minsan tuloy naguguluhan ako. I guess I have to rewatch the whole thing from season 1 para mas maappreciate ko? IMG_2911k 7. Here’s our room as of last week. Medyo mainit na kasi kaya I changed into blue curtains. Ang cool tingnan diba? Para lang kaming nasa aquarium. lol! IMG_2712IMG_2710 8. Few weeks back, we got into an accident c/o a careless driver who was too busy with his phone! Buti nalang talaga nothing worse happened. Kaya takot ako mag-drive e. Andami kasing ‘lutang’ na drivers. Hindi ganun kabilis ang sense of reaction ko kaya di ko sila maiiwasan agad if ever. Tsk. This was also a clear evidence na no matter how much of a good driver you are, you won’t be able to control the circumstances around you kaya doble ingat parin and prayers of course! IMG_3096IMG_2824 9. I bought these baking guide books for AED25 each pero I haven’t read all of them yet. I already know how to bake cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc. Pero I have to practice more if I want to come up with something na I could be proud of. Gusto ko rin magdecorate using different kinds of frosting! IMG_0359


Rainbow cupcakes


Naging pink yung red! lol


Cheese cupcakes


chocolate chip cookies and chocolate crinkles. Ian’s favorite!


Mocha cake. I told you I have to learn how to make frosting hehe


Chocolate cake with mayonnaise. Recipe from


Oreo cupcakes


Macaroons. I brought these to the office and they were a hit!


Yema cheesecake. My officemates loved this as well

10. And finally, remember my adorable pamangkin from this post? Ayan na sya ngayon. Ang cuuuuuuuute dba?

IMG_0361 IMG_9806 DSC_7916 DSC_7922

Have a nice day! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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