Breakfast at The Walk JBR

***Continued from part 1: Revisiting the Walk @ JBR

By 8:30 am, the boys have already freshened up and nakapag-exercise narin kami so we headed for an early breakfast.


Napagod si Rence after ng work-out 😉

Since we were all starving, we all agreed to go to Chowking nalang. Sabi ni Ian, it is located opposite Hilton Hotel daw. From were we parked our car, we had to walk a few meters pa. We didn’t mind anyway because we were entertained by the new attractions along The Beach.

DSC_0887 DSC_0886 DSC_0888

Not long after, we reached Hilton Hotel. We had to cross the street to reach Chowking.DSC_0890The servers offered us Al Fresco seating but we declined because there was an ongoing construction/excavation nearby. Maingay and maalikabok.


The servers handed us their Breakfast menu (Continental & Almuchow) which were kinda tempting but surprisingly, no one went for those. Hmm.. Mas heavy pa ang gusto?


Here’s what we ended up with. Heavy nga! Tsk tsk.


Nasi Goreng for me. AED21


Ian made his own version of Chili oil/paste for me. Mas masarap pa dito 😉


Beef Lauriat for Rence. AED28


Shanghai Lauriat for Chengko. AED28


Fried Chicken & Fries for Gino. AED13


Chicken Lauriat for Ian. AED28


Siopao. AED8

 Grabe, ubos lahat! Basta samin, walang sayang! hahaha


After a loaded breakfast, we explored the area further to familiarize ourselves. Andami palang pwedeng gawin sa JBR! Nakakalibang kasi it caters to different age groups. Andami ding outdoor activities na pwedeng gawin be it shopping, fitness, dining, or just simply lounging by the seafront cafes. Ang sarap naman pala ng lifestyle ng mga taga dito. They’re too spoilt with options!

IMG_2886 DSC_0928 DSC_0929 DSC_0930DSC_0936DSC_0932DSC_0942DSC_0938DSC_0939 DSC_0940


We enjoyed our stroll so much we didn’t notice it was almost noon already. Medyo mainit na so we decided to go home. While on our way back to the car, I overheard Ian and Chengko talking…

Ian: Balik tayo dito sa Friday pre.

Chengko: Oo nga, andaming chics. Ayain natin si Gino.

Ian: Sige, tutal di naman nagsswimming yung dalawa.

Me: Asa kayo! Walang aalis ng hindi kami kasama!


Seriously, we don’t mind spending our weekend mornings or even evenings here. Medyo malayo nga lang pero sulit.


We have yet to experience the rest of what JBR has to offer. We will definitely be back soon!   😉 🙂 🙂

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