T.G.I. Lunch at Friday’s Ibn Batttuta Mall

Few weeks ago, Ian and I swung by Ibn Battuta Mall to run some errands. It’s been awhile since we last visited the place. Payat pa kami nun! hahaha!


Battuta Gate hotel behind me. Feb, 2011


This was one of the display structures inside the mall. Feb, 2011

I just want to say that in terms of theme and interiors, Ibn Battuta Mall still reigns as the most unique mall in Dubai (at least in my opinion). And don’t forget that it’s also the least crowded due to its location and size. So for tourists and residents alike, it’s really a must to visit the place. 😉

At napansin ko din na nothing much has changed since our last visit. The huge ship, which for me, is one of the distinct features of Ibn Battuta mall is still mightily displayed in the middle of China Court.


We went around to finish some work and by 2 pm, headed to T.G.I.Friday’s to grab a quick lunch. The hostess handed us their menu and insisted we try their T.G.I. Lunch promo. Sulit daw. Ok fine. Madali naman kaming kausap 🙂

So for AED35 each, we can get a full lunch meal including our choice of appetizer or soup, main course, and drinks. Sulit nga!


T.G.I. Lunch! Complete meal for AED35 only

As soon as we’re seated, we quickly browsed the menu and knew what to order right away. However, none of the servers were around to take our orders! We waited for some time but after more than 10 minutes, I realized I had to call their attention or else, we will be waiting forever. Hay, hindi naman sila gaanong busy ‘coz there were only few diners aside from us. 😦

Anyway, Ian went ahead and ordered Cheese Nachos, Friday’s Cheeseburger and Mango Slushie while I chose Fire Bites (crispy fried Jalapenos), Chicken Alfredo Pasta and Strawberry Lemonade Slushie.

Pictures muna while waiting…


In here, it’s always Friday


Friday’s, Ibn Battuta Mall

Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait too long before our drinks came.

Ian: Bigay mo na sakin yang phone mo at ng mapicture-an ko na ‘to para sa blog mo. Kanina pa’ko nauuhaw.

Me: Yan ang supportive husband! 

Ian: Ewan!



Mango for Ian and Strawberry Lemonade for me

We were expecting really small servings due to the disclaimer on top of the menu: ‘Lunch Portions only’. But we were surprised when our food arrived on our table.


Appetizers. T.G.I.Friday’s


Fire Bites and Cheese Nachos. T.G.I.Friday’s


Cheeseburger. T.G.I.Lunch @ Friday’s


Blackened Chicken Alfredo Pasta. T.G.I.Lunch @ Friday’s

Ian: Tsk. Dapat pala sinabi nila ‘Heavy Lunch Portions only’


And now, my humble food verdict:

I highly recommend Friday’s Fire Bites! For a spicy food fanatic like me, it was ‘love at first taste’. Even Ian liked it. Para s’yang bite-size Pinoy Dynamite but without the filling, and syempre, mas sosyal lang ‘to ng konti. 😉


Pinoy Dynamite. Source: google images

We liked both main courses except that I didn’t finish the pasta. Masyado s’yang creamy for my taste kaya naumay agad ako.


T.G.I.Lunch at Friday’s Ibn Battuta Mall

Nonetheless, we definitely enjoyed our lunch date. The generous servings, the pleasant ambiance, and their affordable prices satisfied not just our taste buds but our pockets too 🙂


my food trip buddy 🙂


Ground Floor, China Court

Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai

Open daily from 10 am – 12 mn (Lunch promo during weekdays from 12-5pm only)

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