Happy Birthday To My Love

First of all, Happy Birthday Mahal!


This won’t be a ‘love letter’ enumerating the reasons why I love you ‘coz I already mentioned everything here.

This time, gagawa nalang ako ng wish list for you 🙂


1. Number one of course is to wish you good health and long life. I pray that all those years of ‘carelessness’ (drinking, unhealthy diet, etc.) never catches up on you. Sana, now that we’re married, let’s agree to throw away our poor habits. Together, let’s try our best to live a healthy lifestyle — for our sake and our future children’s too.

2. I pray to God that he continuously bless you with strength and wisdom enough to make all your dreams come true. I am proud that you are ambitious and at the same time realistic about things. I know that even at this age, there are still a lot more things you want to do. And as your wife, I promise to support you every step of the way. I will respect all your decisions, be by your side in all your endeavors, and together we’ll celebrate all your victories. 😉

3. I pray that God finally gives us a son. Lagi mo kasing sinasabi na pangarap mong makita kung gaano kaproud yung magiging anak mo habang pinapanuod kang maglaro ng basketball.

4. I also pray to God that he gives us a daughter soon. Unang una, kasi gusto ko ng anak na babae. hehe. And pangalawa, sabi mo nga, gusto mo na kahit dalaga na sya, may lakas ka parin para mabantayan sya. hahaha

5. I pray that you find more patience in your heart. Learn to ‘chillax’ even when things don’t go your way. Huwag laging highblood specially when driving!

6. I wish na magkaroon ka pa ng maraming shoes to add to your collection.


ilan ba ang paa mo ha?

7. And finally, I wish you happiness, contentment and peace…even if you don’t achieve all of these 🙂

I love you so much baby! 


To have and to hold…

Happy Birthday and Happy Monthsary na din 🙂 🙂 🙂


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