Throwback Thursday

Since it’s Thursday today, I would like to share with you some vintage photos I found while working on my Ultimate BFF’s post… FYI, these photos are more than 20 years old and some are even older!

Tatay and his old jeep. Check out his flare jeans and patilya (sideburns)!austria (3)

Nanay and Tatay during their younger days. So sweet!scan0002[1]

Enjoying his walk by the beach! 🙂austria (5)

Tatay raised his family by driving his jeepney while nanay was a seamstress(modista). Until now, todo alaga parin sya sa jeep nya kahit hindi na sya nakakapagdrive. heheaustria

That baby was me. And those were my Tito Guy and Tito Manny! Mga binata pa sila nun. 🙂austria (6)

I remember this tree infront of our old house. Kubo pa yung bahay namin nun. Now, this place looks totally different.scan0005[1]

Wow, if the date stamp’s correct, this photo was taken pala on my 2nd birthday!austria (7)

Masaya dati ang inuman kasi wala pang distractions like facebook and online games. Puro kwentuhan lang at masayang tawanan. scan0003[1]

The baby on Tatay’s lap was Puroy. My parents adopted him when he was a baby. Unfortunately, he passed away when he was 7 due to Dengue fever. 😦scan0008[1]

This was Puroy. Tatay was really hurt when he passed away kasi favorite nya yan. Tatay would often give him coins as additional baon for school. Hay. By the way, this kubo is still standing. My next project is to have it renovated. Maybe next month.scan0006[2]

My mom and me when I was 3scan0010[1]

Too bad I didn’t get my mom’s mestiza skin. Tsk.scan0011[1]

Tito Manny and I showing off our newly built house. This was the kitchen which was never used. Pangdisplay lang. hehescan0007[1]

Meet my cousins. Tey, Ate Fel and Itoy. All 3 of us except Ate Fel are now here in Dubai.austria (8)

We used to frequent Gapan, Nueva Ecija to visit Tatay’s relatives. By the way, that was my lola sa tuhod (Tatay’s mom).scan0001[1]

Nag-aalaga ng baboy sina Tatay at Nanay noon. Merong mga time na matutulog kami sa papag na yan na katabi ng kulungan kasi may manganganak na baboy at kailangang bantayan. Si Tatay ang magpapaanak tapos si Nanay ang maglilinis. Kami naman ni Che ang tagabilang ng biik. austria (2)

Manila Zoo. Siguro may hinatid kami sa airport kaya nakapasyal kami dyan.IMG_0315

Pahabol lang. Heto si Ian nung baby sya. Cute dba? 😉


This post definitely brought in a lot of memories from childhood. Nakakatuwa na nakakalungot kasi di na mauulit. I will try my best to scan the rest of our old photos when I get home. Baka kasi mabura na sa sobrang luma.

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