My Ultimate BFF’s

Were you aware that it was SIBLINGS Day last Saturday? Yes, aside from Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day and Friendship Day, meron na ding Siblings Day. hehe.

Parang kelan lang when Che thoughtfully posted this on Facebook…


Siblings Day 2014

So this time, I will make it up to her and all our kapatids by dedicating this post to them. Warning though, this is a photo heavy blog!

To give you a context, our family dynamics is quite complicated. My parents separated when I was 6 or 7 yata. Up until now, I don’t really know the reason why they parted ways. And I never dared to ask na din kasi alam ko naman na knowing the story will not change the situation. Ok na din yun kasi atleast hindi ko kailangang pumili which side to believe. In fairness to my parents, I admire their respect kasi I never heard them blame or talk against the other (atleast to me). Siguro din they didn’t see the need for that because Che and I grew up without bitterness. We never questioned their separation. In short, dedma lang kami at tanggap namin right from the beginning 🙂 We were still raised naman in a happy home. We were always nurtured with love and kindness kaya we never felt broken.

austria (2)

Both my parents were abroad so it was practically Tatay and Nanay who raised us eversince.

When my parents started building their own families and later on introduced us to our half-siblings, Che & I didn’t really mind. Ang alam lang namin, may mga bago kaming kapatid (from both sides) and we loved them just the same. Again, no questions, no bitterness. The more, the merrier sabi nga nila! 😉


Ay, nakapikit ako. hehe. Manila Zoo, Circa’97


Che (4 y/o) & Gena (barely 1 y/o)

So now, as a tribute to my siblings, below are some old and recent pictures I gathered. Some of these, they may not remember anymore. Though we don’t catch-up as often, these photos are more than enough to remind me that I’m really blessed to be given the precious opportunity to be called their ATE.


Mother and daughters, and of course our dearest Gab


Papa and kids. Too bad Che missed this shot

Honestly, the fact that I don’t make the effort to see or talk to my siblings makes me feel guilty kasi I have too many of them tapos I take them for granted while there are other people who would trade anything just to experience how it is to have a sister or a brother.

I know how lonely it is to be an only child. My husband often wonders how his life would have turned out differently if he had siblings. Siguro daw hindi sya naging palabarkada. Siguro daw naging mas memorable ang childhood nya. He’s right. Kapag may kapatid ka kasi, may buddy ka 24/7. Hindi mo na kailangang lumabas ng bahay para may makausap. Good or bad, you have someone to share everything with. Kapag may kapatid ka, alam mo na someone will always protect and support you. There may be times when you annoy each other to death but you know that as long as you have them, life in this world will always be a lot easier.


May 2014. Gab’s birthday.


Jed’s Resort. May 2014.


Hamda’s Dubai visit. October 2014


June 2010. We made 3D glasses to watch SOP’s episode in 3D


An old laptop wallpaper


This is what we do best. hehe


Jumeirah Beach. 2011


Gena & Gab. Sweet din sila minsan. hehe


Jed’s Resort. May 2014


Che’s graduation. I’m a proud ate! March 2013


Gena’s graduation. Again, proud ate moment for me! March 2015


Summer! PH vacation 2012


Family Reunion. March 2015


Che & Gab. Monasterio De Tarlac, May 2014


Hamda lovingly volunteered to cover my braso here. 😉


with our mother. Kart City, May 2014


If I am correct, Chalet restaurant in Jumeirah ceased to operate after the fire incident 1 or 2 years back.


Baguio City, circa 2008


Mga bagets.


Takaw ni Mark 🙂 Chalet Restaurant, 2011


sisters! This was almost 10 years ago!


Nanay’s angels. hehehe


Swimming! May 2014


Day off! March 2015

So to my dear kapatids, if you’re reading this, please know that hindi man ako ang best ate in the world, mahal ko kayong lahat! And I hope someday makabawi ako sa inyo. Gasgas na ‘to, pero lagi nyong tatandaan na nandito lang ako lagi para sa inyo! mwah


New Year 2015


PH Vacation 2015


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