A Piece of Old Manila in Dubai: Intramuros Restaurant

On Easter Sunday, we heard mass at St. Mary’s church in Oud Metha Road. As expected, the usual 10-15 mins. drive from DFC took more than half an hour. Good sign though, it only meant that a lot of people still make time to celebrate this day despite their busy schedules. 🙂


Volunteers and parishoners at St. Mary’s Church, Dubai

Honestly, I didn’t really understand the homily because we were standing outside and there was a steady throng of people walking back and forth beside us. Add to that the fact that it was really crowded and noisy.

That’s why I prefer going to church during idle periods. Ian and I have somehow established this routine to visit on Mondays or Tuesdays right before the evening mass.  That way, we get to have our own sweet time with God without the tendency of being rushed and distracted by other people. We also make sure we stay a bit longer to just sit by the altar and savor the serene opportunity to clear our minds and reflect.

I know this is not the ‘best way’ to worship but I also believe that though we may express our faith in different ways, the important thing is that he be in the center of our lives every single day 🙂


Blessed. 🙂

After mass, we drove towards Deira to eat. Ian said he wanted ‘real food’ because he was really starving. So Pinoy food it is! And since it’s Easter Sunday, we felt it was just right to celebrate and eat somewhere nice for dinner. We headed straight to Salah Al Din Road to finally try out Intramuros’ Asian buffet. By the way, Intramuros is located at the ground floor of Star Metro Deira Hotel just in front of Reef Mall.


Intramuros Façade

As we entered the main door, I immediately saw this kalesa which, together with the overall interiors of the restaurant, reminded me about what else.. Intramuros, Manila. haha. Kidding aside, it was a nice touch =)


Intramuros, Dubai


They serve Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and of course Filipino dishes.

For AED49 per pax (AED65 if you include drinks and taxes), Intramuros’ dinner  buffet already consists of a variety of Filipino, Chinese, Thai, and Japanese dishes. Note that they also offer 50% discount for Senior Citizens and kids.


Intramuros, Dubai.


Intramuros, Dubai

Here are some photos from their buffet:


Buffet Table. Intramuros, Dubai


Pansit Bihon. Intramuros, Dubai


Vegetable Lumpia. Intramuros, Dubai


Seafood dish. Intramuros, Dubai


Fish Tempura. Intramuros, Dubai


Salad Bar. Intramuros, Dubai


Salad Bar, Intramuros, Dubai


Dessert Bar. Intramuros, Dubai


Native Delicacies. Intramuros, Dubai


Native Delicacies. Intramuros, Dubai

I realized just now that I forgot to take a photo of their Japanese selection because I was too excited to eat. hehe. Anyway, here’s what we had:


My plate. Intramuros, Dubai


Ian’s. Intramuros, Dubai


We just recently started to explore and enjoy Japanese cuisine. Late bloomers lang. hehe


Dito palang sulit na ang AED49.


:). Intramuros, Dubai.


My dessert. Ian chose to eat healthy though. He had a plate full of fruits instead.

I cannot say that I loved all the dishes in Intramuros. But thinking about it, our total bill of AED130 was still worth it given that there was a surprisingly good selection of dishes on their buffet. I also love that the restaurant itself is spacious and sophisticated. And of course, the whole place shouts PINOY! 😉


My food trip buddy.

So if you’re looking for affordable buffet restaurants in Dubai, I highly recommend you try out Intramuros.


Flavours of South Asia. Intramuros, Dubai.

Intramuros, Dubai

Ground Floor, Star Metro Hotel

Salah Al Din, Deira Dubai

Landmark: Opposite Reef Mall

Contact #: +971 4 707 6408 or +971 4 707 6409

Open daily: 12-3 pm and 7-11 pm

3 thoughts on “A Piece of Old Manila in Dubai: Intramuros Restaurant

  1. That seafood dish looks really yummy.
    Although, I think, they should’ve stuck with the whole Filipino concept since its name is Intramuros.

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