Dampa Seafood Grill in Dubai

Until now, we’re still hung over from our PH vacation and couldn’t get enough of all the “inihaw”/grilled seafood we had. Just take a look at below goodness…


Inihaw na Tilapia. A welcome treat from Che


Who wouldn’t miss Pinas if you’re served with these almost everyday?!

Good thing our friends were ‘game’ to finally try out Dampa Seafood Grill in Deira. I have already heard about it few times but didn’t have the chance to visit as we were busy with the wedding preps and our upcoming vacation.

Dampa Seafood Grill, by the way, is located at the ground floor of Centurion Building, opposite Deira City Center and behind Day-to-Day Shopping Center.


That’s Flora Creek Hotel on the other side


Dampa Seafood Grill, Centurion Building, Deira Dubai

The drive on our way there was quite slow due to the rush hour traffic but we were lucky to still find seats inside the already busy restaurant. And since the restaurant was full even on a Monday evening, we knew right away that we’re in for a satisfying dinner!


Dampa Seafood Grill. Full house @ only 6 pm and on a Monday night!


Dampa Seafood Grill. View from the 2nd Floor

We were first ushered to the 2nd floor but Ian requested one of the servers to inform him should some customers vacate their seats on the ground floor. So while waiting, we started deliberating on what we should order:

Rence: Order tayo ng dalawang Dump-a-Seafest

Chengko: Tatlo na para di bitin!

Ian: Tapos order tayo ng baked mussels, grilled squid, grilled shrimp, etc!

Gino: Oo tapos tikman din natin lahat ng dessert nila pagkatapos.

Me: ‘Di naman tayo masyadong gutom noh?!



Do not disturb! Serious sila. hehehe


Ready for our first Dampa dining experience!

Here’s their menu by the way…


Menu. Dampa Seafood Grill, Dubai


Menu. Dampa Seafood Grill, Dubai.


Menu. Dampa Seafood Grill, Dubai.

In the end, we decided to order two sets of Dump-a-seafest meal together with a serving of grilled squid. By the way, for AED139 every Dump-a-seafest order already includes unlimited rice and 2 litres of any mocktail of your choice. In short, sulit ang bayad!

FYI, customers are also given three options for Dump-a-seafest: STEAM w/ trio sauce, GRILLED w/ chipotle sauce, or BOIL w/ Cajun spice. We chose the latter two as the server mentioned that both options are mildly spicy 🙂

Shortly after placing our orders, we were already called to transfer downstairs.


There’s Ian securing our table.

One of the servers then brought us our fishbowl mocktails and a plate of chips.


From L-R: Incredible Hulk, Amaretto Sunset, Bluer than blue, and Sex Appeal 😉


Complimentary chips. Dampa Seafood Grill, Dubai.


Rence, Gino, and Chengko

By the way, this dinner was also a celebration of sort for Gino who finally got a new job after months of patiently enduring ‘voluntary’ work with his old company. I say voluntary because his former boss deprived him and all other staff including poor laborers of their N months worth of salary. Since last year, several of the employees have filed their complaints to the MOL (Ministry of Labor). It was really heartbreaking when Gino told us that some of the laborers had to literally walk back & forth from Sonapur to MOL as they didn’t have enough money for transportation, more so for proper food. But unfortunately, nothing happened. Their boss just kept promising to give them their money on time but to no avail. I think the case is now being handled by Dubai Courts. I hope the owner gets penalized as I’ve heard the company is actually doing well. Ayaw lang talaga nyang magpasweldo. Hay.

I’m praying that like Gino, everyone will eventually get their well deserved compensation and new jobs. Please include them in your prayers too 🙂

And for Gino, this old adage below holds true


Anyway, back to our dinner…


All ready to dig-in to a sumptuous seafood dinner!


Dampa Seafood Grill, Dubai.

And now dear folks, dinner is finally served. Make way for Dampa Seafood Grill’s famous Dump-a-Seafest boodle fight!


Dump-a-Seafest comes in a big bowl. It includes corn, mussels, shrimps, crabs, and clams. As the name suggests, all these will be dumped on your table which is covered with wax paper. So bawal ang maarte! 🙂


After the seafood’s removed from the first bowl, the rice is then mixed with the left-over sauce. Walang sayang! hehe


Perfectly cooked Grilled Squid, AED29




We were halfway on finishing our first Dump-a-Seafest meal when the other one came. Ayayay andame!


And don’t forget these colorful Fishbowl Mocktails 🙂


Please pardon the mess. Proof that we really enjoyed our dinner! Lol

We finished every single thing served on our table, hence, we unfortunately didn’t have room for dessert! Tsk! I was excited pa naman to try their Mango Bravo (AED25/slice) and Mocha Torte (AED25/slice).


Mocha Torte (above) and Mango Bravo (below). Dampa Seafood Grill, Dubai

Well atleast, apart from the delicious and sulit Dump-a-Seafest, we have a valid excuse to go back to Dampa Seafood Grill. See you soon Mango Bravo! 🙂

Our total bill was only AED307. AED60 pax for a superb and generous seafood dinner was really worth it. It’s also good to note that all their servers were attentive and friendly!


Our Bill. Dampa Seafood Grill, Dubai


A number of Kabayans waiting for their turn outside Dampa Seafood Grill.

Since we saw a good number of people waiting outside to dine, we hurriedly paid our bill and left the place all in unison that Dampa Seafood Grill will now become one of our go-to places whenever we need to satisfy our hungry stomachs and seafood cravings! 🙂


Dampa Seafood Grill, Dubai UAE



On 3rd April, we came back with my family for yet another round of delicious Dampa dinner!

Below are some photos 🙂


Dampa Seafood Grill, Dubai


Mango Bravo ice cream cake. Dampa Seafood Grill, Dubai


One of the best and most attentive set of servers I have encountered in Dubai. Keep it up!

Dampa Seafood Grill

Centurion Building, Deira

Dubai, UAE

Landmark: Opposite Deira City Center, behind Day-to-Day

Contact: +971 4 299 0884
Open daily from 1 to 10 pm

7 thoughts on “Dampa Seafood Grill in Dubai

  1. Seriously, 139AED only for an order of Dump-a-Seafood. I think I want to pack my stuff and relocate to Dubai right now. Or, maybe they can open a branch here? Haha.

  2. Nakakatakam yung pictures! I want to try! Hopefully mayaya ko na yung asawa ko na kumain dyan soon. Only problem is finding the time =)

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