Being an OFW

I just want to share with you this message I received from my sister yesterday.


If you think being an OFW is easy, think again.

See, I have been an OFW for almost 5 years now and I make it a point to go home every year. But the pain of leaving the family never goes away. HINDI PARIN AKO NASASANAY. Whenever I’m about to pack my things and say goodbye to everyone after every vacation, I would still cry =(

That is why sometimes, I dread going home. I know kasi na I will be devastated after.


Dela Cruz Clan. Ian’s side of the family


Austria Clan. My side of the family

The night before our flight back to Dubai, Gab decided he didn’t want to sleep beside me anymore. I asked him why and I was stunned when he said Pinapractice lang kita para di ka na umiyak ‘pag di mo na ko katabi.” Hay.


Missin’ you already!

He has other heartbreaking lines like “Sama nyo nalang kaya ako sa Dubai” and when I was finally saying goodbye to him, he kissed me and said “Maliligo muna ko para makalimutan ko yung iyak ko”

Gab is not even my son pero ganun na kasakit. Imagine all the OFW’s who have to leave their own children for abroad and couldn’t even afford to make it home every year? If you are one of them, then I SALUTE YOU. YOU ARE THE REAL HEROES OF THE WORLD 🙂


missing simple moments like this back home

When I was younger, I never really appreciated the motto “TIME IS GOLD”. I actually treated it as a nonsense cliché. But ever since I started my life away from my family, that’s when I realized how much time I have taken for granted. I should have savored every moment with them — all of it including the not-so-good days.

Simple man ang buhay noon pero iba parin pala kapag kasama ang pamilya…


My crazy beautiful family!!!

And now that I only get to be with them few days in a year, all I could do is pray that time will stop for a moment and let me bask longer in the priceless embrace of my true love and happiness… FAMILY.

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