Jollibee and J.Co Donuts to Open In Dubai!

Aside from my wedding (which is next week by the way), there are two more reasons keeping me oh-so-excited these days! 🙂

First, our very own Jollibee is finally coming to Dubai!!!! 

Here’s an article from The National,

“Jollibee, also known as the Filipino McDonald’s, is set to open in the Dubai Mall in April. The fast food chain is the largest food chain in the Philippines.

The restaurant, which is beloved by Filipinos, sells burgers, chicken, noodles, rice meals, sandwiches and sides. Jollibee opened its first shop in Dubai back in 1995 but it was closed for unknown reasons. Now they’re bringing it back and hoping Filipinos, locals and expats alike will be forming queues to get a taste of the food that’s made the fast food icon so successful.

Jollibee has nearly 1,000 stores worldwide, including in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait and a handful of far eastern countries. They also have several outlets in the US and Canada. The restaurant has a massive expansion plan that includes launching its first stores in Europe in the coming years.

Jollibee’s first store in Dubai will be located on the second floor food court in the Dubai Mall.”



photo courtesy of

Whew, the long wait is almost over, heto na si ‘Jabi’!

I’m so thrilled I can almost imagine the crispylicious chicken joy (don’t forget the gravy) and their langhap-sarap spaghetti (and palabok of course!) satisfying my loyal-Pinoy appetite. Hmmm…


Jollibee Chicken Joy!


Palabok, gusto nyo?


Enjoying a chicken joy meal with Gab during last year’s PH vacation.

Friends, sing with me now,

“I love you Sabado, pati na rin Linggo, Hintay ka lang Jollibee, nand’yan na ako! Panlasang Pilipino, at home sa Jollibee!” 

Sorry, excited lang! hahaha


Update as of 5th May 2015:

Jollibee Branch in Dubai Mall has finally opened yesterday! It is located on the 2nd floor food court beside KFC. But be warned, the queues are very looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong!!!!!


source: KC Poblete’s twitter account


Source: Adam Falat’s Twitter account

Read more from Gulfnews.


Next, J.Co Donuts has also arrived in Dubai!!!!

I have written about our first visit in J.Co Donuts Pampanga here. However, it was so confusing to choose given that we had limited time (and tummy space) to try all the flavors.  Just take a look at these donuts below… Tsk.

image image image imageAnd since we loved our green tea and Don Mochino donuts, we thought of bringing some here in Dubai but later shrugged the idea off as the donuts won’t be that fresh anymore. Sayang lang. From then on, di na kami nakatikim ulit ng J.Co. 😦


Imagine my delight when I heard a Tag 91.1 DJ announce that J.Co donuts will be opening soon in Al Ghurair Mall, Dubai!

How soon you may ask?

Well, they will be officially launching it TODAY!! Yes, as in mamaya na @ 5-7 pm. I heard they will be giving away prizes (free donuts?) to their first customers so if you have time, go na kayo! 🙂

 Jollibee and J.Co have two things in common…

1. They both start with the letter ‘J’

2. They are well-loved by Filipinos!

Thanks to both, Dubai can still be my home away from home. 🙂


Update as of 8th March 2015:

We swung by Al Ghurair Mall last night (7th March 2015) to check out J.Co Donuts. By the way, J.Co is located at the 1st level, near the cinemas. I wasn’t surprised at all to see a long queue of customers surrounding the café. We left right away after taking pictures as I knew it will take hours before I get my hands into a box of these ‘sensational’ donuts. ahah!

If I’m not mistaken, prices are: AED5 per piece/ AED35 per dozen


I will plan my next visit when the excitement dies down.


tsk. some people have been waiting for hours!


J.Co Donuts, Al Ghurair Center, Dubai UAE


J.Co Donuts, Al Ghurair Center, Dubai UAE

Hi Everyone, I received some feedback that J.Co Dubai is not a legal franchise. J.Co’s website says there is indeed NO OFFICIAL BRANCH IN DUBAI. J.CO Dubai hasn’t released any statement though. Let’s wait and see.

jco website

Source: J.CO’s official website


6 thoughts on “Jollibee and J.Co Donuts to Open In Dubai!

  1. HI Everyone, I received some feedback that J.Co Dubai is not a legal franchise. J.Co’s website says there is indeed NO OFFICIAL BRANCH IN DUBAI. J.CO Dubai hasn’t released any statement though. Let’s wait and see.

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