A Taste of (Pan De) Manila in Dubai

Our quest to find the best Filipino restaurants in Dubai continues. And this time, we didn’t need to venture too far. 🙂

Luckily, there is this restaurant in Al Nahda 1, Dubai which is famous for their pandesal.

Pandesal, (also called salt bread), is a bread roll made from a combination of flour, eggs, yeast, sugar, and salt. Next to rice, this is a staple breakfast item in Filipino homes.

I remember back in the Philippines when Nanay used to complain because each 1 peso pandesal she buys from the nearby sari-sari store keeps getting smaller and smaller. And then later on they increased the price to 2 pesos! toinks!

Then there’s this bakery in Tarlac called ‘Mulawin’. When I was a teenager, we would walk few kilometers just to have a taste of their hot, freshly-baked pandesals. The panaderos would hand it straight from the oven so imagine the pleasure of eating them fresh and warm!


Funny, who would have thought a bite of this humble bread can bring back so many memories from home. 😦                                                                                                                                         photo source: Google Images

Thanks to Pan De Manila, I can finally taste freshly-made pandesal here in Dubai.


Pan De Manila façade. Al Nahda 1, Dubai


Pan De Manila, Al Nahda Dubai

We found Pan De Manila thru a friend. We initially thought they were only serving pastries but were surprised to see an extensive Pinoy menu. Before inviting our friends, Ian and I tried it first.

Our first order included a bowl of lomi with complimentary pandesal and a serving of sizzling chicken sisig with rice.


Lomi, AED 15. Pan De Manila, Al Nahda Dubai


complimentary pandesal. Pan De Manila, Al Nahda Dubai


Sizzling Chicken Sisig, AED25. Pan De Manila, Al Nahda Dubai

Perhaps it’s really true, good things come when you least expect them. 🙂

Pan De Manila is one of only few Filipino Restaurants in Dubai who served me HONEST and DELICIOUS Pinoy food. Yum!

And since we enjoyed our first time in Pan De Manila, we came back with friends for brunch the following Friday.

When it was time to order,

Rence: Kuya, pahingi kami ng menu?

Server: Wait lang po ate, may tumitingin pa.

After some time, Kuya brought us this. Kaya pala! Hahaha


Menu. Pan De Manila, Al Nahda 1 Dubai

After reviewing the ‘giant menu’, we came up with these:


Tortang Talong for myself, AED15. Pan De Manila, Al Nahda Dubai


Bopis for PJ, AED25. Pan De Manila, Al Nahda Dubai


Ginataang Tilapia for Rence, AED25. Pan De Manila, Al Nahda Dubai


Lomi for Gino, AED15. Pan De Manila, Al Nahda Dubai


Sizzling Chicken Sisig for Ian, AED25. Pan De Manila, Al Nahda Dubai

Note that all dishes, except for the lomi, include complimentary rice. Really affordable and huge servings! Taste-wise, we loved everything on the table except for the Bopis which was too sweet for our liking. Maybe we should give it another chance next time?


Friday brunch with friends. Pan De Manila, Al Nahda Dubai


Pan De Manila, Al Nahda Dubai

After a hearty brunch, we headed home and slept again! Mga tamad! hahaha

Kidding aside, Pan De Manila is a hidden gem in Al Nahda Dubai. It’s definitely worth a visit! 🙂


Pan De Manila

Amman Road, Al Nahda 1, Dubai

Near ENOC petrol station and Wow Pinoy Supermarket

+971 56 340 6642

No deliveries

I heard they have other branches in Dubai but I’m too lazy to search for the details. lol!

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