Of Friendship and Farewells

This post is dedicated to one of my best friends, Chay, who will be leaving Dubai for home in a few days to embark on a new journey. 🙂

Just a little background…

Rence, Chay, and I have been friends since 4th Grade. Thinking about it, we have known each other for 16 years now. Whew, that’s more than half of our lives!

The three of us were inseparable in high school, lived in the same apartment during college (Baguio), and finally reunited here in Dubai since last year.


Best Friends. (circa 2002 vs. 2014)

And now, our dearest Chay is about to step up to a new and wonderful phase in her life — MOTHERHOOD. Rence and I are both excited for her as she has been wishing to have a baby for a long time. However, we feel sad at the same time as we have to part ways again for a few months (a year max). It’s just difficult to say goodbye specially after being used to seeing my two best friends everyday even if we annoy each other to death! hahaha


Best friends for life!

Seriously, I just wish her all the best and I hope she knows that we’ll always be here for her.


December 2014, Dubai UAE


“It’s not the goodbye that hurts, but the flashbacks that follows.” (source)

Hi Chay,

If you are reading this, I want you to know how happy I am for you. We’ve been through a lot together (all three of us). We’ve shared a thousand tears & laughter and comforted each other during the not-so-good moments in our lives. Together we faced every heartbreak and kilig, failures and triumphs. We’ve literally seen each other grow up and mature along the way. 

So now that you are about to enter the most exciting phase of your life, please remember that we are always here for you. Though we’ll be miles away when D-day comes, don’t ever forget that both of us will be here to support and cheer for you.

There may be a million changes and challenges when that angel of yours come but I believe that you are strong enough to overcome all those. Just enjoy the moment of being a first time mom because that, they say, is the best feeling in the world 🙂

I love you (Mommy) Chay! 🙂

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