Dubai Dhow Cruise Dinner Aboard Rustar Floating Restaurant

In this post, I’ll be sharing some photos from our Dhow Cruise Dinner c/o my colleagues’ joining treat this October. It was supposed to happen waaay back in Feb but got postponed many times due to prior commitments, travels, and vacations! tsk. (Special thanks to Vivian of Rustar’s reservations department who offered her support and patience all throughout the endless booking process :))

Aside from celebrating birthdays & promotions, we also have a tradition in our department wherein new joiners treat the team once they’re settled in or after they finish their probation period. It doesn’t matter if they just bring some snacks or a cake to share, take us out to lunch, or prepare dinner at their homes (like PD did!). In short, we don’t care how we celebrate it, we just want to make the person feel that we are happy to welcome a new addition to our ever-growing family. I actually salute my boss for keeping these traditions despite our busy schedules. It’s only evident that every member of the team is valued and appreciated. 🙂

We decided to go for a Dhow Cruise dinner as many of us haven’t experienced it yet. And remember, we were planning to have it in Feb so the weather seemed perfect for dining outside. 🙂

Since we didn’t have a particular company in mind, I browsed the web to search for Dhow Cruise options in Dubai. I shortlisted 3 companies and read online reviews about them. In the end, we all agreed to avail of Rustar’s Dhow Cruise Package.

According to their website,

“Rustar Floating Restaurant was established in 2007 and is part of the Rustar Group… To date, Rustar Floating Restaurant has served over 50,000 guests, each one given the same 1st class treatment you can expect from Rustar.

Rustar, one of the world’s largest floating restaurants, is designed to give you all the elements that constitute a memorable evening.  As you drift along the creek and watch the breath taking skyline pass you by in our spacious, air-conditioned luxury, our friendly staff will ensure your night is cheerful and cozy.”

Indeed, Rustar was one of the biggest and brightest dhows in the area!


Rustar Dhow docked along Dubai Creek

Soon as we mentioned our reservation, their friendly staff ushered us to the entrance and asked us if we wanted our pictures taken by their in-house photographers (printouts can be availed for a fee). However, we politely declined as we had our phone cameras anyway 🙂


Reception and waiting area, Rustar Floating Restaurant

We were given a traditional red carpet welcome followed by a serving of Arabic coffee, tea, and cold drinks.


Main entrance, Rustar Dhow Cruise

The dhow consists of 3 decks. Both the lower and mid deck are air-conditioned while the upper deck is an open area. Rustar is covered with teak wood, hence, keeping its traditional Arabian atmosphere.


Interiors and set-up, Rustar Dhow Cruise

Our cruise was scheduled to commence at 9 pm. And since we arrived at 8:40, we only had to wait for few minutes before the boat started it’s 2 hour sail along Dubai creek.

For those who are not familiar, Dubai creek is considered as the heart of ‘old Dubai’ as it separates two of Dubai’s historic areas — Deira and Bur Dubai.

While cruising, I looked over the window behind me and saw these lovely dhows…


A smaller dhow adorned with red lights


A more colorful dhow


This is my favorite. See the reflection on the water? Wow!


Dhows of various shapes and sizes

Now with the food…

Rustar has commisioned Movenpick Hotel to cater the guests with 5* International buffet. They had salads, starters, scrumptious mains, vegetarian options, and a wide array of delectable desserts.

Our AED 200 per pax  package already included all kinds of non-alcoholic drinks. (FYI, alcoholic drinks were also available but for an extra charge)


The dishes. All neatly lined up on a dhow!


Salads and appetizers, Rustar Floating Restaurant


Salads and appetizers, Rustar Floating Restaurant


Main dishes, Rustar Floating Restaurant


Pasta, Rustar Floating Restaurant


Sides, Rustar Floating Restaurant


Our team


My plate #1


My plate #2. I loved the steak so I got another serving. 🙂

Here’s our background while having dinner. Nice eh?


Dubai Creek, October 2014

Now with the dessert table…


Cakes, pastries, fruits, etc. Rustar Floating Restaurant


Cakes, pastries, fruits, etc. Rustar Floating Restaurant


Cakes, pastries, fruits, etc. Rustar Floating Restaurant


Desserts, Rustar Floating Restaurant


Desserts, Rustar Floating Restaurant


Desserts, Rustar Floating Restaurant


Desserts, Rustar Floating Restaurant


My dessert plate.

Are you excited to see what’s behind this door?


Rustar Dhow Cruise, October 2014

Welcome to the open deck! Pretty huh? Though I wish I had better pictures. (FYI. You can check this gallery for professional photos).

Both left and right stairs will lead you to the upper deck which has more seats.


Open Deck, Rustar Dhow Cruise

This is the upper deck. Wouldn’t it be nice if Ian and I booked our anniversary dinner here? Cool winter evening under the moon and the stars, soft music playing on the background plus great food and wine. And then us just sitting here having the best time while enjoying the great view. Romantic indeed! 🙂


Upper Deck, Rustar Floating Restaurant

I can imagine a wedding reception here as well 🙂


Upper Deck, Rustar Floating Restaurant

After dinner, the rest of the group came out to take some pictures and enjoy the cool evening breeze.


My amazing colleagues (VJ and PD brought their spouses)


My amazing colleagues

Then after some chit-chats, we went back inside to enjoy the other activities like Egyptian Tanoura dance, henna painting, horse/puppet show, and live singer.


Tanoura show, Rustar Dhow Cruise


Tanoura show, Rustar Dhow Cruise


Henna Painting, Rustar Dhow Cruise


Henna Painting, Rustar Dhow Cruise

Truly, with a great view, extensive dining options and other activities to keep you entertained, Rustar really offers a feast — not just for the tummy, but for the eyes as well!


Dubai Dhow Cruise Dinner, October 2014

Finally, let me just say that I’m thankful for this cruise as it was one of those not-so-rare opportunities for our team to spend time together outside the office — forgetting about work deadlines for a while and just merely enjoying each other’s company. 🙂


Dubai Dhow Cruise Dinner, October 2014

Rustar Floating Restaurant

Tel: 04 3957941
Fax: 04 3957741
Mob: 050 9153339


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