How to Decorate Your Wall Using IKEA Picture Frames

Right after we booked our new apartment, I already started searching the web for wall collage ideas. My vision was to have a small ‘gallery’ of black and white photographs in one area of the room. However, the more I browsed for inspiration, the more I got confused! Just take a look at these creative ideas below and you’ll understand why. 🙂


Wall frame ideas from

Visit their site to see more wall inspirations.


wall frame ideas from

Click here for more creative ways on using IKEA frames.


Different colors of NYTTJA frames, from IKEA website

Visit the IKEA Website now and start planning your own masterpiece. 🙂

Moving on, I finally decided on how I will decorate my wall so I dropped by IKEA Dubai Festival City to shop for picture frames. I settled on using NYTTJA frames because 1) They are lightweight. 2) They come in different colors and sizes. 3) They are affordable.

I also bought a white ‘LOVE’ picture frame (AED 12 only) from Day To Day shopping center to serve as centerpiece/focal point.

And since I didn’t want to do any drillings, I used mounting squares for all the frames.

Tip: It is important to make sure that the frames are not too heavy. Otherwise, the tape won’t be able to hold them in place for a long time.

Here are the things I used:


Things you’ll need

Photographs. I only selected which photos to display right after I bought the frames because I wanted to make sure I’d print them in the correct size and orientation. This means less ink and less paper wasted.

After framing the photos, I laid them all on the floor to plan and finalize the best layout.

Tip: Remember to consider the following 1) size & color of frames, 2)space between each photos, 3) balance and coherence.

A lot of adjustments and repositioning later, I ended up choosing between these two layouts:


Layout #1


Layout # 2

Layout # 2 won because it got more votes from the family. lol! Seriously, I chose the latter because it gives emphasis to the white frames without compromising the black ones. It also shows more symmetry and design. 🙂

I took a picture of the final layout and stuck mounting squares behind every corner of each frame. I made sure that there was enough tape specially for the bigger frames.

Tip: Take a picture of every layout (specially the final one) so you have reference when deciding and mounting the frames on the wall.

Without further ado, here’s the final product…

A wall collage of my favorite photographs with people close to my heart 🙂




My very own wall collage using IKEA picture frames

Best part? This project only costs less than AED 100. 🙂

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