A Few Lessons in Life I Learned from Ice Skating

Reposting my very first blog I wrote 3 years ago! Whew, it’s been that long?!

Blessed Days in Dubai

Put on those skate shoes! – Even when wearing your flat shoes, you still fall and slip on the floor. Why be afraid of using something different like skate shoes?

  • Lesson: Never dread changing your routine. Try something new. You might end up failing or not liking it at all but at least you tried and ‘what if’ will be the last question you will think of.

Take small steps at a time – You don’t have to glide or dance right away, just relax and enjoy the thrilling feeling of doing it the first time.

  • Lesson: Don’t hurry, just savor each moment. After all, life is not about knowing it all in just a snap. Learning takes a lot of time and patience.

You need help – Admit it. The first time you skate, you can’t keep away from the I-will-die-because-my-head-will- knock-on-the-floor feeling. So go and ask somebody to…

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