How to Renew Your Vehicle License in Dubai (Quick Registration)

*photo above from Quick Registration’s website

As I have mentioned here, our Honda Civic recently turned a year old. So as per RTA rules, I had its Mulkiya renewed at Quick Registration in Al Qusais, Dubai.


Old Mulkiya

I’m happy to report that the renewal process was literally quick. I was in and out of the place in just 10 minutes. Amazing! 🙂

According to their website,

Quick Registration is proud to introduce the most advanced vehicle testing and registration center in the world providing motoring consumers with precise fast modern automated testing equipment technology setting a new benchmark in testing and registration of cars, trucks, buses and motorbikes.  

Quick Registration in partnership with RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) set new standards in vehicle registration and testing surpassing expectations to rapidly become a catalyst for significant safety improvements to cars being tested.”

Based on my experience (October 2014), here’s how to renew your vehicle license:

1. Insurance. Here in the UAE, it is not allowed to register/renew a vehicle’s license without any proof of insurance. So a month before the registration expired, I requested quotations from 3 different companies. I noticed that insurance companies here almost have the same policy terms so it’s only a matter of affordability when choosing.

Unfortunately, I didn’t avail of our previous insurance anymore since it’s way more expensive than the rest. I am not sure though if this is because I made two accident claims last year. 😦

Moving on, I had to submit the following to apply for the new insurance:

  • Copy of vehicle license card (Mulkiya)
  • Copy of owner’s driving license
  • Copy of owner’s Emirates ID

I was in the office the whole day so I only submitted the above thru email. After work, I went straight to their main branch to pay and collect my new policy.

By the way, an insurance policy is valid for 13 months. This is to cover RTA’s one month grace period after the annual registration lapses. FYI, make sure you renew your vehicle license before the grace period ends in order to avoid paying penalty.

2. Pay Fines. Before renewing your vehicle license, check if you don’t have any existing/unpaid RTA fine(s). In my case, I had to pay AED100 for two salik violations I got in September.

Here are ways to inquire and pay for your traffic fines:

My advice is, as much as possible, pay the fines as you get them so you will not be burdened when it’s time to renew. Or better yet, do not commit any traffic violations at all!

3. Vehicle Testing. Cars older than 2 years have to be tested before they’re approved for license renewal. An Authorized Testing Center will give you a ‘passed’ certificate (AED120) once they are sure that your car is still safe and ‘road-worthy’. People usually do the testing and registration at the same day as the certificate is only valid for 30 days.

A list of Authorized Vehicle Testing Centers is available here: Vehicle Testing

And since my car is only a year old, I skipped this step.

4. Registration. Visit the nearest RTA Registration Center and bring the following:

  • Original vehicle license card (Mulkiya)
  • Owner’s driving license
  • Insurance certificate/card (I didn’t have to show mine as I assume it’s automatically updated on their system)
  • Test Certificate (if applicable)
  • AED 345 (Registration) + AED 10 (other charges)

Registration fee breakdown

The RTA agent will give you your new Mulkiya once you pay the registration fee. And then you’re done!

I was really impressed on how fast the whole process was. And since Quick Registration is open 24/7, there was no need to excuse myself from work. Really convenient! 🙂


Quick Registration, Al Qusais. Fast and hassle-free service

However, if you live far from Al Qusais, try considering other 24/7 Registration Centers below:

  • Tasjeel Centre, Al Barsha
  • Tasjeel Centre, Al Twar
  • Wasel Belhasa Vehicle Testing Centre, Al Jadaf

For more information on vehicle license registration/renewal, please visit the RTA website or call them at 800 9090.

Quick Registration

Amman Road, Al Qusais Industrial Area 3

Dubai – UAE

Phone: +971 4 263 3322



RTA (Roads & Transport Authority)

Phone: 800 9090




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