Al Nahda Pond Park, Dubai

See that pea-shaped thing on the map? That’s our enormous neighbourhood park in the city– Al Nahda Pond Park.


Al Nahda Pond Park. Image from Google Maps

In a Gulf News article, Mr. Ahmad Abdul Karim, Director of Public Parks and Horticulture Department said:

“Al Nahda Pond Park is one of the most important theme parks built in Dubai in recent times.

The park is the first entertainment facility in the Al Nahda area, which is the newest urban residential area in the emirate of Dubai located near the border of Sharjah. It was built at a cost of Dh22 million at a total area of about 14.6 hectares,

The park is characterised with a large water area as the total area of the pond stretches to 80,000 square metres, which represents 54.4% of the total area of the park” 

Actually, I wasn’t really familiar with Al Nahda Pond Park before we shifted to our new apartment. So I was surprised to see how huge it is! As in really huuuuuuuuuuuge! hehe. Fortunately for us, in addition to a very nice flat, we also have this lovely park situated in front of our building as a bonus. 🙂

Let me tour you around Al Nahda Pond Park. (Note that all photos were taken in the evening.)


Al Nahda Pond Park. Al Nahda 2, Dubai

Soon as you enter the main gate (Entrance to the park is free), these giant inflatable castles will greet you. FYI, this area is not free. There is a separate ticket counter for it. If I’m not mistaken, charge is AED20.


Al Nahda Pond Park, Dubai. Inflatable bouncy castles for kids

On the opposite side, an open playground sits. It was a Friday evening when we visited, hence, the park was filled with adults and kids.


Al Nahda Pond Park, Dubai. Playground


Al Nahda Pond Park, Dubai. Playground

I also noticed this ‘mini-caterpillar’ (or airplane) ride. Not sure though if it’s still functional.


Al Nahda pond Park, Dubai. mini ride

Then walk some more and you will find these neatly lined up gazebos for rest and dining purposes. Not shown in my pictures but grass covered areas around the park abound. Really perfect for picnics! 🙂


Al Nahda Pond Park, Dubai. Picnic Area.

The jogging track is 1.4 km long. There’s also a cycling track and other different grounds to accommodate various sports and activities. Wow!


Right now, I’m struggling to complete 300 meters, what more a kilometre! Tsk. I need more practice!

Walk some more and you will find a set of fitness equipment in the middle of the park. There are a number of workout machines you can use for free!


Al Nahda Pond Park, Dubai. Outdoor Fitness Machines

If you head towards the fountain, you will see a nice view of the nearby Zulekha Hospital. The pond’s reflection of the surrounding lights is mesmerizing — really relaxing! 🙂


Al Nahda Pond Park, Dubai. View of Zulekha Hospital


Al Nahda Pond Park, Dubai. Lovely shot of the fountain at night


There are lots of benches around where you can rest your tired feet, or simply lounge and pass time chatting with friends and loved ones. 🙂


Al Nahda Pond Park, Dubai. Fitness and recreation for free!

If you don’t feel like running, take a leisurely walk while taking in some fresh air. Walk at your own pace with someone you love to make it all the more special.


Al Nahda Pond Park, Dubai. Love and friendship 🙂

And if walking feels boring for you, why not rent some bikes and tour the park while burning some calories!


Al Nahda Pond Park, Dubai. Bikes for rent

On the other side of the park lies a massive area for ball games and other sports like soccer, football, volleyball, and of course, the ultimate Pinoy favorite — basketball!


Al Nahda Pond Park, Dubai.

It’s good to note that every area of the park is well lit and maintained. Makes people feel safe and taken cared of.


Al Nahda Pond Park, Dubai. Kids playing football

This is one of the basketball courts. This is only half a court and it’s mostly occupied by younger boys. In fact, we often see my brother’s classmates here.


Al Nahda Pond Park, Dubai. Basketball court

And here’s the main court. We are really fortunate that the government still provides us these basketball courts even if basketball is not really ‘their favourite sport’.


Al Nahda Pond Park, Dubai. Basketball court and volleyball court on the other side

I also love the fact that this park is surrounded with greens. For someone who lives in the city, this is so refreshing to see.


Al Nahda Pond Park, Dubai.


Al Nahda Pond Park, Dubai. Yay, that’s our building right there!

Oh by the way, there is a mini mart outside (by the main gate) in case you’ll need some refreshments. There’s this guy selling fresh coconut fruit juice. Would love to try that next time. 🙂


Al Nahda Pond Park, Dubai. Mini mart

Finally, parking slots are aplenty so no worries if you bring your car with you. Just make sure you lock all doors as the parking area is outside the park (no security). Better safe than sorry! 🙂


Al Nahda Pond Park, Dubai. Parking area

Al Nahda Pond Park is indeed an outstanding project by the Government of Dubai. There are lots of recreational things to do for the whole family. Most importantly, it was built by the government to encourage everyone to practice an active and healthy lifestyle as increase in diabetes, obesity, and hypertension cases is now becoming a major issue specially among the younger residents of Dubai (due to poor lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits).


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