United Medical Center Launches Women’s Heart Health Campaign

Medical Center Turns to Innovative Means to Raise Health Awareness

Dubai, UAE- United Medical Center, a health facility aiming to bring a new outlook to the healthcare industry of the UAE, has launched a campaign that aims to raise awareness about the problems of heart health for women in the UAE. In line with their target to bring a unique concept to health, United Medical resorted to new and innovative means in order to attract women’s attention to what they believe is a cause of underestimated importance.

Driven through social media sites, the campaign coined as “Pledge Your Heart” encourages women to visit their physicians for appropriate screening tests. Launched at Dubai Ladies Club, the campaign was embodied on a stand that asked women to share what they wanted to live a healthier life for. Answers varied from hobbies, to living for loved ones and accomplishing dreams. Participants were encouraged to take photos of their answers and share them through social media sites, in order to spread awareness.

Dr. Hanan Al Suwaidi, specialist family physician at United Medical Center said, “It is important to raise awareness about heart health between women of our community because unfortunately, more women than men die of heart disease each year. It is not easy to spread awareness about health-related issues, because it is not always the most popular topic to discuss. Our aim through such campaign is to ensure that we reach our target audience in the most effective means. Our plea to all participants of the Pledge Your Heart campaign is to take the concept very seriously; unfortunately, most studies done around the world on heart health are done on males. Women actually have different symptoms when suffering from a heart attack; they may be unaware of what to look for, due to the fact that it is not a topic of much discussion.”

Dr. Al Suwaidi encourages women to learn how to control stress, to understand the long-term effects of unhealthy eating and lack of exercise on their health, to constantly visit their physicians to discuss their health status and any concerns they may have, and to encourage their loved ones to do the same.

The campaign will be located in different venues in the upcoming weeks.

About United Medical:

United Medical Center is a unique concept in the healthcare industry started by twelve UAE national physicians.

United Medical Center is an outpatient healthcare facility located at Wafi Mall, Dubai. Combining strong medical expertise and cutting-edge technology to bring the best, international-quality healthcare to the region.

About entourage:

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For more info, please contact:

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