Getting My Tapsilog Fix at Tapa King, Dubai

Two weeks back, we went to Ansar Gallery to buy some stuff for our new apartment. After exploring every nook and cranny of the mall, we got hungry so off we went to the ground floor. We were originally planning to dine at Seafood in a Bucket but decided to defer it for next time when we saw Tapa King. If you read my previous post, I mentioned my current love affair with Tapsilog. Really, there’s just something about it that always entices me.


Tapa King, Dubai

It was past 7  pm that time so the restaurant was almost full. The overall vibe was bright and casual. Most of the guests were fellow kabayans who were already enjoying their tapsilogs.  Hmm, I thought. “This will be another memorable Pinoy dining experience” 🙂


Tapa King, Dubai. Ansar Gallery Branch

See, it’s not my first time in Tapa King. My first encounter with this Filipino-owned restaurant was back in June inside NAIA Terminal 3 just when we were leaving the Philippines for yet another year of overseas work. 😦 Honestly, I did not enjoy my Tapa King experience that time. In addition to limited meal choices (most of the options were ‘sold-out’),  maybe I was just too emotional sad to enjoy my Tapsilog.  😦


Tapa King, Dubai. Classic Plates, AED 22

Anyway, to give Tapa King another try, we initially planned to order a Tapa Queen for myself and Beef Bulalo for Ian. But the nice girl on the counter suggested we try their ‘Kumpletos Rekados!’ meal which is good for 2-3 persons. For AED65, a Kumpletos Rekados meal already consists of  your choice of Sinigang or Bulalo; 2 Classic Tapa Plates; Unlimited rice (garlic/plain); Choice of Sweet Banana or Sago’t Gulaman for dessert; and 3 beverages. Whew! Since everything we wanted was included in the meal, we gave in and decided to just keep the extra Tapsilog for take-away 🙂


Tapa King, Dubai. Kumpletos Rekados, AED65

I heard before that it takes time for Tapa King staff to serve orders but in our case, we were surprised our food almost immediately arrived on our table considering the place was almost packed that evening. 🙂


My foodtrip buddy excited for his Tapa King Bulalo

Without further ado, here’s my Tapa Queen Classic Plate — Sweet and spicy tapa, served with fried egg, garlic rice and atchara. FYI, I ordered this instead of Tapa King simply because the latter is not spicy. I’m happy to say that this tapsilog did not disappoint! The tapa was not dry at all and their garlic fried rice and atsara complimented it really well. In fact, I had to ask for another serving of rice. 🙂


Tapa King, Dubai. Tapa Queen, AED22

Oh and this Beef Bulalo? I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed the soup. Some people find it salty but for us, the taste was just perfect. Even the meat was tender and can be easily detached from the bones. The veggies were also fresh and sweet.


Tapa King, Dubai. Beef Bulalo, AED25

This Sweet Banana dessert brought me back to my highschool days. This was our favorite merienda back then and we used to call it ‘Banana Ice’. This would have been perfect if only the bananas were not too chewy. But it was still a good way to end our meal nonetheless. 🙂


Tapa King, Dubai. Sweet Banana, AED10

Since we enjoyed our first Tapa King experience in Dubai, we will definitely come back with our family and friends to try out other dishes in their menu.


Tapa King, Dubai. Classic Favorites


Tapa King, Dubai. Beef Bowls


Tapa King, Dubai. Veggies and Merienda


Tapa King, Dubai. Desserts

We’re also keen to try their Breakfast Bonanza! For AED16, you can start your day right with Tapa King‘s extra special morning menu. Tsk, I just wish it’s easier to wake up early.


Tapa King, Dubai. Breakfast Bonanza, AED16

Here are some funny reasons why you should visit Tapa King.


I-Tapa King na yan!

Well, here’s mine: “Nagutom ka ba bigla dahil sa post ko? I-Tapa King na yan!” lol


Tapa King, Dubai. Our bill, AED65

Tapa King, Dubai Ansar Gallery Mall Karama, Dubai UAE +971 4 357 6700

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