BM’s Birthday Lunch At Chinese Village 2

We have a tradition in the office wherein we celebrate everyone’s birthday by treating them out for lunch. See Day 25: Happy Birthday to the Boss! So for BM’s birthday on Thursday, our boss suggested we try Chinese Village 2 in Seaview Hotel Bur Dubai. We left the office at 1 pm and reached the hotel within 15 mins. Seaview Hotel by the way is conveniently located along Al Mina Rd. Bur Dubai opposite Dubai Customs.


Façade of Seaview Hotel

I couldn’t resist taking photos of their lovely atrium. I’m sure this looks more stunning in the evening. 🙂


view from Seaview Hotel Lobby

Chinese Village 2 sits on the 7th Floor and offers a great view of the Arabian sea. The Asian vibe of the restaurant is evident with its dark and red theme. Different Asian artifacts also surround the area. Really relaxing and vibrant dining atmosphere!


This statue will greet you upon entering the restaurant

Since most of us were first timers, we placed the orders according to boss’ recommendation. Prices by the way are mid to high range. But since servings are quite huge, each dish can be shared by 2-3 people.


Chinese Village Restaurant menu

I was not able to take pictures of the full menu but you can view it here: Chinese Village online menu


Chinese Village Restaurant menu

While waiting for our mains, this Kimchi Salad arrived on our table.


Chinese Village Restaurant complimentary starter

After some time, the waiters started serving lunch. First came Crispy Chicken and Spinach dish. According to boss, this is one of Chinese Village’s most famous dishes. Well it makes sense because it turned out to be the highlight of my whole meal! THIS IS A MUST TRY! The spinach was not only crispy but surprisingly very tasty as well! The spicy chicken was also a star!


Chinese Village Restaurant, Crispy Spinach AED55

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take separate photos of each dish as the waiters kept serving them one by one. And since I wanted to try everything, I just said yes to whatever they offered me. lol! Pardon the mess but I present to you my plate of Indian-Chinese goodness! I don’t know the specific names of each dish but I remember having vegetable fried rice, green & red curry, vegetable noodles, sweet & spicy chicken, & of course Crispy spinach. Everything on my plate was delicious! No wonder I happily finished everything in no time. =)


Chinese Village Restaurant, my plate of delectable Indian-Chinese food! Yum!

Honey Noodles with Vanilla Ice Cream. Chinese Village 2 does not offer any cake on its menu so the staff had to improvise when we told them we were celebrating BM’s birthday. Plus points for their excellent service and creativity 🙂 The vanilla ice cream complements the honey noodles very well. I highly recommend this dish especially if you want to try something different from the usual chocolate desserts.


Honey noodles with vanilla ice cream, AED 28

Here’s the birthday girl ready to make her wish 🙂


The birthday celebrant 🙂

Overall, we enjoyed our first Chinese Village 2 visit. Quality food topped with great company (and funny stories) made it all the more remarkable 🙂 Happy Birthday BM! All the best for you and your family!


Chinese Village 2, Seaview Hotel, Bur Dubai

Chinese Village – Sea View Hotel Opposite Dubai Ports & Customs Mina Rashid Road, Bur Dubai Dubai Tel : 04-3529954, 04-3558080 Fax : 04-3997811 Open daily: 8 am – 11 pm

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