Seafood In A Bucket, Ansar Gallery Branch

We’ve been avid fans of Seafood in a Bucket since they opened their first branch in Al Attar Centre, Karama. Whenever we come and visit, we always find a long queue of hungry kabayans waiting to be seated in their bustling graffiti-filled restaurant. Their unique concept and low priced quality food proved to be a huge success so they opened a new branch in Ansar Gallery, Karama.

Say hello to a more spacious Seafood in a Bucket restaurant!


Seafood ina Bucket’s new branch in Ansar Gallery

We arrived at 6 pm and I was surprised to see the restaurant half-full already. To think that this branch is not as accessible as the one in Al Attar Centre!

This Seafood in a Bucket branch is spacious, well-lit and has a more sophisticated style. It doesn’t look too crowded as well. They also incorporated a pastry shop called The Bread Work’z which I think is a newly introduced business.


The Bread Work’z

While waiting for our orders, I observed the staff and was amazed on how much their service has improved. It’s really good specially for an F&B business to have more manpower so customer needs are well taken cared of. Also, I’m happy to see Kuya (one of the pioneer servers), who I think is now a supervisor 🙂


Bigger floor space to accommodate more diners

By the way, they will be opening another branch in Deira this September. Seafood in a Bucket will be more accessible!


Seafood in a Bucket Deira branch to open in September 2014. Yey for us Abu Hail fans! hehe

Oh, and they now serve breakfast from 8-11 am daily. Hmm.. I want to try that Crispy Native Anchovies dish.


Seafood in a Bucket now serves daily breakfast!


with my food trip buddy 🙂

Our Apple-cucumber cooler came in a huge mason jar. Take note that all their refreshing coolers are bottomless! I doubt if you will ask for more after finishing one. hehe


Our all-time favorite Apple-cucumber cooler. Really refreshing! AED 6

They give free crackers so customers have something to munch on while waiting for their orders. One small suggestion though, I think the amount they give should depend on the number of people on a table. Ian and I didn’t even finish half of these crackers. What a waste diba?


Seafood In a Bucket complimentary crackers

Same as our previous visits, Ian ordered calamari in garlic-butter sauce while mine was tilapia in black-pepper sauce. Personally, I prefer Asiento’s calamari because theirs taste more like the ones we have in the Philippines. But their tilapia is a different story 🙂 I love how the black pepper sauce gives a kick to the otherwise simple dish. And FYI, the servings are enough for more than 1 person. Perfect for sharing!


Seafood In A Bucket calamari in garlic-butter sauce


Another favorite. Seafood In A Bucket fried tilapia in black-pepper sauce


Happy diners 🙂

I told you servings were huge so we had some left-overs to take home. hehe


Seafood in a Bucket, Ansar Gallery Branch

Our total bill was only AED 38. Yes, believe it or not, you can have scrumptious seafood without hurting your wallets. 🙂


Our bill


Seafood in a Bucket, Dubai UAE

We will surely try these dazzling cakes and pastries on our next Seafood in a Bucket visit 🙂


The Bread work’z cakes and pastries which we have yet to try

Seafood in a Bucket

Ground Floor, Ansar Gallery

Karama, Dubai

+971 4 396 8995

Open daily: 8 am – 11 pm      

Main Branch:

Ground Floor, New Al Attar Centre,

Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road,

Al Karama, Dubai

+971 4 388 5219

Open daily: 12 noon – 11 pm      

Pahabol lang, we found below article in The Filipino Times newspaper. I’m so proud of Ian!

This was about Tag91.1 Paliga sa Tag-araw season 2.


I was surprised to see Ian’s name in the newspaper! Weeeeeeee, I’M SO PROUD!!!! It says, “…but big man Clarence (should be Clarrent) Sebeldia got involved in an unfortunate out-of-game situation and was barely able to play and contribute to his team, leaving a gaping hole in the middle for the men in pink.” This just shows that he really is one of the valuable players in the team. 🙂 Now, I don’t want to discuss that unfortunate situation anymore as the other person involved is not worth anyone’s attention. hmp!

12 thoughts on “Seafood In A Bucket, Ansar Gallery Branch

  1. Hi Lou-Ann, thanks for reading my post. Yes, luckily we are spoilt with choices here in Dubai when it comes to Filipino food. Don’t worry kasi you have something naman in Doha which we crave for a lot…Jollibee! 🙂

    1. Yeah, jollibee’s a huge hit here! I just wish they had the original Palabok. Instead of chicharon kasi, parang fish crackers lang yung nilalagay nila on top of the palabok.

      I can’t believe walang Jollibee jan. To think na andaming Pinoy sa Dubai.

    1. Ok naman yung spaghetti, kahit na alam mong chicken lahat ng sahog e nakuha naman nila yung taste. Pero syempre winner talaga ang ChickenJoy. Good news if magkaron nga jan. 4 branches na ata ang Jollibee dito to date.

  2. We dine in this afternoon at ansar branch, i was so excited and craving for mussels and was glad that they have, i was trying to enjoy my food but my husband and i got so irritated as the music was too loud and we cant have a conversation without actually screaming at each other. We asked one staff to tone it down, not even for 2 mins and the music went louder and louder as we paid our bill. It is too bright in d restaurant but the staff put the music so loud as if they are in a club. Seriously, it is a restaurant not a live band resto.

    1. Hi Jenny, so sorry to hear about your experience. I can relate to you about being annoyed with loud music in such places. A restaurant should be a place where you can dine, relax and have a proper conversation at the same time. Hope you loved your mussels though! 🙂

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