Asiento De Mar Mina Restaurant, Dubai

I noticed recently that together with the rising number of Pinoy expats in Dubai also comes an influx of Filipino restaurants. This is actually good because despite being abroad, we still get to taste authentic Pinoy dishes. The food and the smiling Kabayans alone are enough reasons to make us feel closer to ‘home’. 🙂

On Monday, we visited one of these Filipino restaurants in Karama — Asiento De Mar Mina Restaurant.

We heard about Asiento’s binalot thru one of our friends who live nearby.

Because I grew up in the province, the concept of binalot food is not new to me (but it is for Ian who was raised in Manila. hehe). Whenever we visit Tatang’s farm, lunch was always wrapped and served in banana leaves. Imagine eating the freshest seafood and veggies while being surrounded with luscious green scenery. Hay, our childhood picnics were really the best! Take me back to Pinas pleaseeeeeeeee!

Anyway, here’s our first binalot experience in Dubai…


Asiento’s façade. The place is not easy to spot since it’s located in a small alley towards the highway

As soon as we arrived, the cheerful ate served us individual bowls of hot soup (complimentary). Ian also asked for their botomless iced tea, AED 5.


Asiento De Mar Mina, Karama Dubai

We ordered crispy calamari for Ian (AED14) and binalot na daing for myself (AED18).

I appreciate the fast service and attention from the staff. Our meal arrived right away and was obviously freshly cooked. 🙂


Asiento’s Crispy Calamari with peri peri dip, AED14


Asiento’s Binalot: daing na bangus, salted egg, tomato and heaps of rice! Yum!

Both Ian and I loved their crispy calamari! The very spicy peri-peri sauce complimented it really well. A must try if you happen to visit 🙂

Now on Asiento’s binalot. The daing na bangus gets a thumbs up from me as it was meaty and well infused. The salted egg though was too dry for my liking. I always prefer oily salted eggs. hehe.

Overall, I enjoyed the meal because at least for a moment, eating binalot with bare hands took me back to my carefree childhood days. Really good experience I tell you. 🙂

By the way, rice serving for both dishes are unlimited. Perfect for kabayans with huge appetites! 🙂

Total bill for both of us was only AED 37.


Our bill

They offer other Filipino dishes as well like bulalo and sotanghon, Check out their complete menu below.


Asiento De Mar Marina’s menu


Asiento De Mar Marina’s menu

We’ll definitely come back with our friends because when eating Filipino food, “the more, the merrier!” 🙂


Introducing binalot to my food trip buddy

Asiento De Mar Marina Resaurant

Unit 6, Al Sherouq Building,

Al Karama, Dubai

+971 4 370 7424

Sunday – Wednesday : 11am-11pm
Thursday – Saturday : 11am-12am

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