Pares Express, Dubai

I remember having my first-ever taste of pares in Divisoria, Manila. It was my first time there so Ian toured me around and showed me where to find the best shopping deals. After some time, he asked me if I wanted to eat pares. Ignorant as I was, I thought pares meant ordering two different viands in one meal. hehe. (FYI, we didn’t have pares in Tarlac when I was growing up.)

So off we approached a make-shift carinderia in the middle of Divisoria streets. He placed the order and when it arrived on our table, I thought it was adobo! lol!

When I had my first taste, I definitely knew I will love the new dining experience. Pares or beef pares is more like braised beef. The meat is usually tender and tasty. Until now, I still vividly remember the sweet aroma of my first pares meal. The garlic fried rice that came with it also made the dish stand out. (BTW, Pares is so-called because it is usually ‘paired’ with a bowl of soup and fried rice.)

Unfortunately, I never had the chance to eat pares again since we moved here in Dubai 😦

Fast forward to last Monday… Ian saw one of his friends dining at Pares Express thru his FB newsfeed. Perfect timing as we were really hungry after watching the FIBA U17 basketball match. We drove to Al Qusais and with the help of google maps, we found the little restaurant sitting in between a pharmacy and an Arabic restaurant near Madina mall.

Hello Pares Express! We’ve long been waiting for you! 🙂


Pares Express, Al Qusais, Dubai UAE

So far, the restaurant can only accommodate few diners. Their counter display is filled with mouthwatering cakes and pastries which include my favorite ube cake.

By the way, the place is monitored by CCTV so if you have any evil plans, better keep away! lol


watching TFC while waiting for our orders

On every table, they have this 3d menu which lets you see everything at once. Makes it easier to choose your favorite Filipino dish. Also, prices are clearly mentioned so budget conscious kabayans can plan their meals ahead. 🙂


Pares Express table top menu

Have I mentioned that they also have TFC connection? Truly, stepping into this place is like being transported to Manila 🙂


They have TFC!

Of course, we ordered their specialty. The star of the night, beef pares! We also had my favorite tapsilog which, for some reason, always hypnotizes me whenever I see it in the menu. hehe


Pares Express tapsilog, AED14


Pares Express beef pares, AED14

I never liked atsara when I was a kid. I feel bad because Nanay used to always prepare it when I was younger but I never dared taste it. It’s just recently that I realized how delicious it is. 😦 Anyway, it’s not too late. I have a lot more chance to find the best atsara here in Dubai 🙂


This atsara/atchara was so good, I had to ask for another serving. hehe

Here’s another look at “The only pares in Dubai.


The only beef pares in Dubai, Pares Express

We really enjoyed our first Dubai pares experience. I’m sure a lot of kabayans/OFWs will be happy to learn that we finally have a pares joint nearby.

Best part is you can have pares all you want without hurting your wallets. All their meals are quite affordable. Really budget friendly just like the authentic pares restaurants back home 🙂


Our total bill, AED 36 only (inc. beverages)

The place is a bit small but I am sure they will be expanding soon. Hope it will be somewhere accessible to the commuting public.


Pares Express façade, Al Qusais, Dubai UAE

Here’s another look at their menu.


Pares Express Menu front

I’m definitely coming back soon to try out their pinasimpleng halo halo and ube cake. hehehe


Pares Express menu and contact details

Pares Express

Fatma Building, Beirut Road,

Muhaisnah 4, Dubai

Nearest Landmark – Madina Mall

+971 4 263 7436 or +971 55 766 0491

*They accept delivery orders as well

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