Day 99: Of Fancy Proposals and True Love

Yesterday, my longtime crush proposed to his girlfriend of 6 years. He popped the question in the middle of her birthday show. Ayun, medyo masakit. hehe


As much as I hate it (lol), Dingdong Dantes finally proposed to Marian Rivera yesterday, 9th August 2014. Image courtesy of

At my age, I now realized that the road to marriage is not an easy route. A lot of things have to be considered first before you take the big leap and finally ‘offer the rest of your life’ to another person.

See, after a number of failed relationships before,  I’ve grown tired of waiting & praying for that someone who will love me, assure me of a faithful relationship, and will stick by me no matter what. I almost conceded to a bitter realization that ‘true love’ is only in the movies; that meeting your ‘knight in shining armor’ is only possible in romance novels; and that a ‘happily ever after’ can only happen in fairy tales.

And then one day, I met someone out of the blue. This guy did not tick all the traits I listed on my ‘future husband checklist’. He was actually almost the opposite. But surprisingly, the attraction we felt was very strong.  It’s with him that I realized something: There will be guys who will meet my qualifications, but only one will satisfy the desires of my heart. Naks! He had presented me with enough reasons to give love another try, this time hoping it would last.

Fast forward to today…

Three months from now, Ian and I will be celebrating our 5th year anniversary. (My teenage self will surely applaud me for achieving this feat) We started as totally different individuals who were oblivious of each other’s presence. Now, after 5 years and 2 countries, here we are still together, sharing and fulfilling each other’s dreams. 🙂

Regarding marriage though, yes, we talk about it a lot. But we don’t have any concrete plans yet. 😦

Actually, I never like extravagance. I want things to be as simple as possible. In fact, I never dreamt of having big birthday parties nor a grand debut when I was turning 18. However, it’s different when it comes to my wedding. Since I became aware of ‘romantic love’, I’ve always envisioned myself in a long white gown, walking down an aisle full of flowers while all my loved ones (and groom) watch and wipe away their tears of happiness for me.  That’s my dream wedding — very dramatic! hehehe.

Kidding aside, I think I’m more open minded & practical now. I’m ok with a simple/fuss-free wedding as long as I have my family and friends around. And of course, as long as my future groom will be willing to honor his vows…until death do us part.

“It’s not about the wedding; it’s the marriage that is important”.

Why I’m grateful?

In the midst of all these unique and over the top proposals today, I came to realize that all I actually want is to marry my one true love — nothing fancy, but definitely real. 🙂

One thought on “Day 99: Of Fancy Proposals and True Love

  1. Am so happy for you,am a huge fan,am a Nigerian and am planning on visiting your country in 4years time just to meet you and workl with you#much love

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